Work in progress.

Welcome inmate. Glad you found your way here.

This asylum is quite flexible as you undoubtedly will soon find out. The colors of the walls, the curtains, the type of gurneys used – whatever it is you may be sure it can change within the blink of my eye.

For example take that ugly nurse over there. She’s quite capable when it comes to administering bitter medicine and will shove it down your throat just the way it has to be.

The next moment this ugly bitch may change into some oh-so-lovely naive thing insecurely testing the ground she‘s on, not knowing in which direction she will push that gurney you’re strapped on to.

Enjoy your stay and whenever you’re feeling a pang of profound despair take one of these little red pills from those dispensers on the wall and always remember :

You are being unfucked!

…and that‘s tough work.

Anyways… let’s examine our next case.

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