For Christmas: Salve Regina A Templar Chant & Lyric

Even though I am Asatru I grew up in a Christian society. A Christian society that has forgotten its legitimacy to exist. A Christian society drunk on Christian love, benevolence and charity for everyone but their own people. It’s reverse racism and the outcome is genocide.

An recent example from Austria: The man grinning is an Afghan “refugee” and allegedly 22 years old. It was Christians fighting for this shithead to remain in Austria. They don’t know what’s coming as soon as the muslim population reaches a critical mass…

There once was a clearly ethnocentric Christendom which nowadays seems something purely evil but was a necessity in medieval times and later on when Islam was threatening the future of western civilization.

There was a time not so long ago when a faithful believer knew that what he believed in already his great-grandfather believed in and will be believed in by his great-grandson.

He could see himself being a link of some spiritual chain reaching way back to the past and extending far into the future. A man could be grounded in his belief and thus had strong roots that helped him cope with whatever life threw at him.

In memoriam of these days a chant for men by men helping the listener gaining strength and courage.

4 thoughts on “For Christmas: Salve Regina A Templar Chant & Lyric

  1. Mugwump

    Correction: A “post” Christian society. A society that does not know Christian love. If it did, it certainly wouldn’t be in the situation it is in now.

    The poor deluded fools in the photo believing themselves to be Christian is like a man who believes he is a woman because he dresses like a woman.

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    1. Unfuck U

      It depends on how to look at that problem. To me it seems we’re in that mess because of too much Christian Love. 2015 almost all Catholics – along with every single Protestant – cried out “love thy neighbor!”, told everyone who cared to listen that one should see that “Jeezus also was a refugee” and invited every Muslim to enter Europe without any legitimation. But that ain’t enough. No Sir: just the other month the German Protestant Church bought a ship which is now leased to some NGO to facilitate illegal immigration on the Mediterranean waterways. ALL of those “saved from peril” are Muslims – no exceptions!
      If you on the other hand would agree that the concept of “Christian Love” has been misused and perverted then we are on the same page.


      1. Mugwump

        Yes, that is what I said. It is a society that does not know Christian love. If they did know Christian love they would not be bringing Muslims into their countries. They disguise Satanic hate by perverting the meaning of Christian love thereby allowing them to call someone a Satanic hater who believes in Christian love and wants to keep the invaders out..

        Pretty nice trick. The ignorant fall for it every time.

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