About Virginia – UPDATE

Scroll to the bottom of this article for the update.

I‘d take good care about what to think here and whom to trust in the validity of news since we all know that there is no news without any spin to it.

Who do you think is the main profiteer of a civil war – or just the attempt to incite one?
The people?
Are your fucking kidding me??!??
Ever since this mess started there’s all that talk about how they won’t be able “taking the guns from us” and that “we will show them”. That there will be a bloodbath. That the libs, the dems and leftist wackos will pay a terrible toll for their attempt prying “our guns” from our dead cold hands.
Divide et impera very obviously still works like a charm.
The cows are still just cattle and chew up what they’re fed.
(Fools) *sigh*

No, I don’t know a practical solution regarding the situation in Virginia. I am not an American and I don’t live on your continent. That’s why I used “we”, “us” and “ours” – not we, us and ours.
But maybe this distance allows me to tell you that if there’s a shot coming from Virginia that’ll be heard around the world it will be the beginning of the end. The end of liberty, of the constitution, the sacred amendments, the end of everything you hold dear. It will be the end of most of your family members and ultimately your end.
Do you really think you can play Mujaheddin in the Ozarks or the Rockies?
Think again.
Who has a seemingly endless supply of manpower, food, ammo and equipment? Huh? You? The militias? How many of your resistance will die within two months after SHTF? 60 percent? 80 percent? 95 percent? How many will starve, freeze to death or simply die from untreated infections?
I’m not Borg.
I won’t say that resistance is futile. Resistance makes sense – but only where you are better than military or police.
Don’t do them the favor they’re asking for and long for civil war. Do everything in your power to prevent it from happening.
Don’t give away your guns but do it in a clever manner – a gun blasting contest will produce one loser – and it won’t be them.
They’re just waiting for their chance to execute their long hatched plans.

We’ve got pretty much the same situation all over Europe but THEY aren’t ready. Yet.
Just wait a couple of years longer and a couple of millions illegal immigrants more – and we’ll reach a critical point as well.
They could avoid all of that easily – but they won’t because they WANT to escalate. They’re planning on it.
They need our violence as an excuse to execute their plans and dominate us more oppressive than ever before.
Winter is coming.
We have to stop hyperventilating, get our heads straight and make wise plans.





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