Tough decisions. is gone.

I pulled that blog because I ran into legal trouble regarding a movie critical towards vaccination: “Vaxxed”.

I put it on Notwende because I deemed it too important not to point my readers towards it.

About three weeks ago I received an email and a letter from a lawyer who threatened to press charges against me for violating said law. I instantly pulled the video off the site but the threat of a hefty fine still hangs over my head.

I don’t have the financial means to fight that law firm with my own lawyer.

So the only thing left doing was closing that blog so it would be clear to the lawyer and a judge that I don’t intend showing that movie without consent again. I did that because the lawyer insist on me signing a declaration that’s also a binding legal contract in which I declare that I won’t do it again.
The thing ist that if I would sign that declaration I would also agree to whatever sum they deem is fit for me to pay as a remedy for a loss of income on behalf of the holder of the rights on that movie.

I will seek legal counsel but my hopes aren’t high.

well, we’ll see.

So here I am now on my secondary blog that has become my primary:)

Right now I don’t have an email address I could post publicly where you could reach me but I will think of a way providing one.

your, errr… unfucker?

darn. Needa think up something about that, too…


3 thoughts on “Tough decisions.

  1. Nemo

    Sorry to hear about the trouble with your blog. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts under n o t w e n d e on other blog sites. Phil says Hi.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Justinoguy

    Tell them to show you what it’s earning.
    Watch it go up because of this.
    Then agree to let your advertising be free.


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