There’s a German saying:

”one who doesn’t know has to believe everything”

And, dear inmates, it’s quite easy in Europe to know nothing about the United States of America.

Thus most European inmates only know what the Mainstream Media is telling them to believe.

The governor of Virginia didn’t succeed with his plans tightening the weapon‘s law for his inmates.
That’s by all means enraging most of the European inmates since

it’s them weapons that do ze killing. And haven’t you heard? Zis bad white guy in ze White House wiz ze strange haircut was all against ze plans of ze governor!

And naturally, he fueled the protests of the gun nuts by warning Virginians that their government is working towards the abolishment of the right to own arms privately.

Alright I think a quote straight from the horse’s mouth is in order here. The Austrian Broadcasting Company, the orf (österreichischer Rundfunk) is spreading the truth about bad gun laws in America:

In den USA, wo Waffen meist sehr leicht zu kaufen sind, kommt es immer wieder vor, dass Bewaffnete in Schulen, Einkaufszentren oder an anderen öffentlichen Orten um sich feuern. Tausende Menschen sterben jedes Jahr infolge von Schusswaffengebrauch, was immer wieder Debatten über eine Verschärfung des Waffenrechts nach sich zieht.

That’s what it means:

In the USA where weapons are very easy to come by, it happens over and over again that armed (men) go on a shooting spree in schools, shopping malls or other public places. Thousands are dying every year due to the use of firearms which fuels debates over tightening existing gun laws.

Yeah. Right.

What the Mainstream doesn’t tell the Austrian inmates is the fact that this sad phenomenon is only due to the liberal rallying against weapons. They still deny the fact that a successful shooting spree by any nutcase is best performed in places where chances are high to encounter unarmed people only:

Gun Free Zones!!

They’re like a magnet for anyone feeling the need for a rampage!

Alright inmates: I know I am preaching to the choir of the asylum here. You all know that already, I know.

I just had to get it off my chest and vent it out.

That’s all for today.
Time for some medication.

Go back to sleep.


5 thoughts on “MSM BS

    1. Unfuck U

      Incoming it does! Hey you cold already make bucks bein an influencer. Even if it is bad influence* – influence it is, LOL!

      * I am one of those guys my parents urged me to stay away from when I was younger.


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