A separate wing in the asylum is necessary


Times they are uh changing as the saying goes. And so does our asylum!

There’s a bunch of people amongst you who are so proud of being inmates, so outspoken in their desire becoming “ze best adapted inmates of ze world” it’s, uh, not easy getting used to their zealousness.
Just the other day one of our gallant wardens – while on inspection – got a hold of a book circulating amongst them in which their ultimate goal is clearly stated: becoming “world champion of inmatendom” as they phrase it.

As you know the basic principle of a well kept asylum not only encompasses the blocking of real news, the censorship of hurtful truth or the deconstruction of conservative constructs like matrimony, family, traditions and sexual correlations but also an unrelenting war against such oddities like civil rights, self-determination or self-sufficiency.
Instead we’re striving to show our inmates the beauty and benefits of a global plantation in which every inmate knows his place, his duty and in which the inmate can live safely vaccinated, devoid of disturbing facts, news, truths and religions.
A plantation in which he can live a happy, consumption-oriented, meaningless life for the benefits of the beloved overseers.

Naturally we welcome any inmate doing anything in his power becoming an even better inmate. Now that there’s a very distinct group of zealots amongst us striving for world championship by becoming the world’s finest inmates we have to do two things:

Firstly, we need to protect all inmates from the zealot’s influence. After all not everyone has yet gone so far as they already have. Having them remain amongst the general populace would inevitably lead to anxiety, jealousy and tension. We can’t have that because this would mean a higher dosage of medication to keep you guys docile, and this would lessen the profit of the asylum.

This is why we need to build another, separate wing to accommodate the zealots where they can train for their championship.

You know, they always strove for being world champion. Dunno if it’s in their genes or if it is some hereditary deficiency.

They once were world champions in Art, Literature, Philosophy, Science and inventions.

They gave the world the first automotive engines. They were the first reaching the outer atmosphere, the doorway to space. They created music mankind never heard of. They changed medicine for the benefit of humankind.

Then, within a period of just twelve years they became world champions of being bad. (At least that’s how we want you to see them.) They killed a lot of people – especially some six millions.

After we put a lid on that development they calmed down just enough to become world champions of progress and economic growth.

They became fat and complacent. They had everything and nothing really troubled them until they started collectively remembering those twelve years – and the six millions.

It took them around three decades to become world champions of repentance.

This lead them to becoming world champions of open borders, immigration and benevolence in 2015 – while striving for the title of world championship of decarbonization and industrial decay.

It won’t take long until they’ll reach their new goal.

Their next goal, it seems, is to become world champions of self inflicted genocide.

They really deserve a separate wing in our asylum. A wing for Germans only.

Go have a shower now, inmates.
Take your medication and go back to sleep.

4 thoughts on “A separate wing in the asylum is necessary

  1. Phil

    Can’t say I understand the culture. Me bein’ an American Red Neck and all.
    From over here in Bug Juice Washington State where the Sooper Sekret bunker is located, from my admittedly limited view it seems that Uniformity is a big deal to the German culture.
    Maybe that’s not quite the right word.
    There seems to be a strong social cohesion with cut and dried rules of morality as an undertone so that it is almost ritualistic that the citizens behave in a scripted manner.
    It could be the Americanization ,Hollywood etc but things like perfectly groomed forest floors that I have heard about are down right anal if you see what I am trying to say.
    A rigid social structure with expected behaviors that seem a bit ridiculous to Americans like me.
    Of course I have been a Non Conformist and rule breaker by nature since I was a small child so it just seems so…. foreign to me.


    1. Unfuck U

      Aww, Phil.
      The picture in your mind…
      It might have been true until the late sixties and maybe some pockets of decency survived until the late seventies – but that’s about it. I can see no more cohesion within the German people. Constant brain- and character washing took a heavy toll on everyone.
      Just the other day I watched a video from the sixties. It was broadcasted on public television then, showing a political discussion.
      The way the politicians behaved and how they let their opponents speak their mind, the way they talked and even trying to be witty – and most of all the audience! Imagine a big lecture hall with hundreds of people, all concentrated on what is being said on the podium, the faces of the audience, their bright spirit, their reactions… it was heartbreaking seeing that, Phil. I could realize how much has been lost in four, five decades!
      Nowadays they’re just Duracell-bunnies, applauding like robots with more or less blank faces.
      They’re all dulled, subdued. Like heavy psychopharmacology drugs.
      The days of German decency are long gone my friend. And don’t forget about the influx of millions of foreigners swamping the Germans. They barely have a home country anymore.
      What makes me sick is the fact that the majority either doesn’t acknowledge this reality or even thinks we deserve it.
      I say “we” since as an Austrian I am also part of the German people.
      These are my people and I bewail their descent.


  2. RocketmanKarl

    I also fear that once-proud and world-leading German culture has decided that it doesn’t deserve to survive. A path that the rest of Europe, and a good percentage of the US, is eager to follow. As a first generation natural-born American, of German ancestry, it makes me sad an angry to see it happening. But beware the “wrath of the awakened Saxon”, as history has shown. Germany may not survive, but you can bet they will stack up a lot of bodies in orderly rows before they go.


    1. Unfuck U

      Ach, Karl…
      Years ago, I believed the same but as things progressed, as our society spiraled ever faster downwards to the gutter there were so many waypoints, so many things happening along that path that would have awoken the furor teutonicus, so many times where a common uproar should have taken place. Nothing happened. Docile our people has become and no matter what those criminals in the Bundestag are doing, it won’t suffice to warrant any kind of uprising.
      The only “Germans” you see revolting are Antifa since they can for they’re on the good side.
      ‘33 – ‘45 broke the spiritual necks of the Germans. They feel like they can’t leave those years to the past.
      And quite obviously there must be some influential people who want that mindset not only to remain but also to be passed on to the next generations until there’s no more next generation to infect with that disease. I threw my TV out of our home some twenty years ago for I was sick of the unrelenting brainwashing on each and every channel. Just take a peek in today’s German news, today’s German TV program and you can bet your bottom dollar that as sure as day follows night you will find at least ten references on WW II, the Six Million Religion, Hitler, racism or multiculturalism.
      The ultimate method shutting someone up is calling him a Nazi. Words like Nazi and Xenophobe or Racist have become weapons that work especially well on Germans.
      I never see anyone who has been called a Nazi say “you know what? I was born after 1945. I wasn’t there. I’m not guilty of anything concerning those years. That’s why I don’t care what happened and I don’t owe anyone anything. Get lost and find a life!”
      They couldn’t counter such a mindset.
      To put it in a nutshell:
      It won’t end with an uproar but you might hear some whimpering.


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