Austria/Sars-CoV-2: “There’s no reason to panic!”

Dear Inmates,

The Austrian Broadcasting Company (orf) issued a very interesting report we don’t want to withhold:

Amid the sudden surge of Coronavirus cases in neighboring Italy, Austrian public authorities are striving to soothe unrest. There is no reason to panic, as the Austrian interior minister Karl Nehammer (conservative) stated in a short-noted press conference Saturday morning. The situation in Italy is being watched closely – Austria “is well prepared” just in case.

“We‘re taking the situation in Italy very serious” Nehammer said. What’s striking is the rapid increase in the number of cases, the situation in the neighboring country is developing “dynamically”. Austria, however, is still “in the lucky position” that there is no case of a verified infection referring to the 181 suspected cases to date, all of which have not been confirmed. If a case should be confirmed, a catalog of measures is ready, as the head of the Federal Criminal Police (Bundeskriminalamt), Franz Lang, said.

This catalog provides both “measures forwards” and “measures backwards”, as Lang explained. Specifically, the supply chain including the quarantine of those affected would have to be in force “from the first minute”. In addition, travel routes would have to be examined and possible contacts and sources of contamination ascertained. Both has to be done equally precisely in order to assess a possible risk of further spreading, said Lang.


“Compulsory measures” are not ruled out

As far as responsibilities are concerned, the Ministry of Health is responsible for managing a crisis like this. “Police will ensure all necessary measures, including compulsory measures if necessary,” said Nehammer, who referred to the coordinative function of his department in this regard.

The situation and the proceedings that are deemed necessary are also constantly adapted by the responsible authorities. The task force of the Ministry of the Interior, including representatives of all ministries concerned and the federal states (Austria has nine federal states, the Bundesländer – U), would meet again on Monday. They are also in close contact with the Italian authorities.

When asked whether there was also a closure of the borders, Nehammer said that this was a “question of the assessment of the experts”. In principle, such a step would be “very quick to implement”. Within five minutes to within an hour, border controls could be enabled, Lang explained. The “exciting question” in this case is: “Which health-related measures are to be carried out at the border, similar to the airport, for example, or do we have to take specific measures?”


There we have it, fellow inmates! Straight from the horse’s mouth! They could close the border within a period between five minutes and an hour!

In 2015 these cheaters implied they couldn’t close the borders while hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants were flooding into Austria.

But when the shit starts flying in their faces and their bodyguards and cozy homes cannot protect them against an invisible threat it all of a sudden ain’t a problem at all.

five minutes!

five minutes!

five fucking minutes!!


… I need some medication right now.
You should take your pills, too.

Go back to sleep.

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