5 thoughts on “The „Great Danger“ of Corona? Think again!

  1. heimdallwardablog

    IIt is said that Israel did announce today that it has the Anticorona Vaccine ready to use.
    But it is only one media source I could get hold of. Need to wait for confirmation.and more reports.


  2. Nemo

    The Israeli’s don’t have shit worth testing even, at this point, unless they developed the Kung Flu virus and released it themselves. I’m pretty sure the responsible party there was China. Not to mention that it’ll take a year, at minimum to figure out if the vaccine 1. really works (so far it appears, from news reports that, once recovered from the initial infection, people are getting re-infected, which indicates that the virus is either mutating very fast, or there won’t be a workable dead virus type solution, ever and 2. the additives in the vaccine don’t kill you.


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