Solidarity has got to be earned.


Let me stop you doing whatever you’re up to because you can continue doing that after I’ve told you what I need to tell you right now.

You may be unaware of what is going on in Greece right now – especially in the Dodecanes, the Greek islands along the Turkish border.

There’s the beautiful island Lesvos:

One can tell it’s almost in shouting distance to Turkey. This distance has become a curse for the people living on that island since it has been swamped by ten thousands of “refugees” illegally entering Greek territory via Turkey.

The people of Lesvos have more or less lost their island to this nightmare. They are plagued by all that comes with illegal migrants from Africa, Syria and mostly Afghanistan.

The Greek people who I always experienced being a traditional yet open minded people with a big heart for everyone suffering and for every stranger they meet. Their fabulous ξένοφιλία, their affection for foreign objects, manners, cultures and people has been driven out of them by the inhuman and primitive ways of islamic invaders. They just cannot cope with what’s already on their island, let alone taking in any more of human waste.

Just the other day, many concerned people gathered in a harbor on this island to fend off boats filled with illegals.
What they’re doing is merely defending their homeland – yet they’re criticized by the international media for being “racist”.

Here’s what happened today on Lesvos:

Islamic tolerance at its best.

This desecration of a Greek Orthodox Church is hitting, hurting the hearts of every Greek man, woman and child. This is the manifestation of not only disrespect for Greek culture and Greek Orthodoxy but it is also a declaration of war on western culture.

Greece has had rough times in the last two decades. She suffered a great deal economically, culturally and spiritually. Greek has become one of the poorest members of the European Union and while they try defending their country from illegal border crossings not only on Lesvos but also on the mainland, the only thing EU-apparatchiks are handing out to them are nice words and empty promises.
Still the spirit of Greek identity isn’t broken, the Greeks are defending their country by any means and we all should applaud them for their courage and give them our solidarity.

They have earned it.

Thank you for your attention, inmates. Don’t forget your medication and go back to sleep.


One thought on “Solidarity has got to be earned.

  1. Defensive Training Group

    Excellent summation of the situation! I am in complete agreement that solidarity MUST be earned!!

    As we sometimes say, “why would I trust/ help/ support YOU when you do nothing for yourself or anytime else? How much of YOUR skin is in the game?”

    The Greeks fending off boats full of Muslims are fighting a war for the survival of their land and their people.

    Their skin is definitely in the game!! They deserve solidarity!!

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