Fear the tool, not the virus


Thu cumhhmh ihmmgh nh muhfmu..

Uh, much better now.
Good Lord! One can barely breathe with such a mask strapped on!
Let me tell you inmates:
You won’t be needing a mask for your protection against the fabled Coronavirus.

That virus is spreading around the world like wildfire and you can bet your bottom dollar that there‘s millions of people already carrying and spreading it. Some people living in very small and isolated pockets of civilization may never be infected but by and large everyone will catch it eventually.

But wait, I hear you cry, isn’t that the end of us all?
No, dear inmates. It won’t be the end at all.

A great many infected don’t even realize that they’re carrying the virus and they will never know that their body‘s immune system got rid of that infection after a while. They will never know they have been ill because they really weren’t.

I don’t know if the afore mentioned group will be the majority after this craze. Maybe the next group will constitute the majority:
It’s those infected that will get a running nose, a sore throat and maybe some coughing. After a couple of days they won’t be showing symptoms anymore: their immune system got rid of the infection.

The next group will be those developing flu symptoms including fever. They will have a tough time just like those catching the common flu. Sooner or later they will recover since their immune system was strong and healthy enough. The elderly will likely be in that group as well provided they don’t have any medical conditions affecting their immune system before the infection.

The last group will be those with a weakened immune system. People on immune suppressive medication after receiving a donated organ, for example. Or people on cancer therapy. Or those with cardiovascular issues. Maybe even those stuffing themselves with junk food for nutrition. As we can already observe, most of those dying from COV-19 were members of that group.

So if your immune system is healthy you don’t need to worry much about the Wu-Flu. If you don’t fall sick within the next two or three weeks, your body has already dealt with it without you even noticing it.

What’s to fear is what politicians, the pharmaceutical industry and those under the spell of their TV make of it. Be it forced vaccinations, quarantines, legislation forbidding gatherings of more than three people whilst these three people have to constantly maintain a distance of no less than one meter (no joke! This is Italian disease prevention law right now), hoarding or any other stupidity panicked people may come up with.
Maybe all that administrative crap is nothing but a tool, just a method of finding out how far a panicky population can be pushed to accept measures that restrict their civil rights. A dry run, a drill that enables interested groups to see what works and what doesn’t. When The Big One comes they can do it flawlessly. Who knows?

A final note to all you hoarders: if you’re not hoarding lots of food you don’t need to hoard tons of toilet paper, won’t you agree?

Save your masks for carnival next year, concentrate on healthy food, go outside and have a walk in the forest, hike, swim, have good times with friends and family. Don’t fear the virus but the tool.

That’s all for today, inmates. Take your medication and go back to sleep.

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