Hectic standby


There’s not a lot of fun to experience in the European wing of the asylum right now.
Reminds me of the old curse: “may you live in interesting times!”.
Who is said to have come up with that curse?
The Chinese?

Schools are closing next week. All schools. They say until Easter – but, as we all know – that’s more or less just a guess.
And while the Austrian inmates behaved very calm and civilized (one could say they were almost even cool) it seems it starts to dawn to them that what is now being officially declared a pandemic™, does affect them with more severity every day now. Gradually but noticeable, their cool, calm and composed behavior flies out the window, as the saying goes.

As I already hinted before: it’s not so much the disease that inmates are afraid of but the measures imposed on them.
Where it all leads to is plainly visible by comparing our situation with what’s going on in Italy. We’re about ten days behind them in the spreading pattern of that virus – along with all the resulting, obvious “countermeasures”.

There’s another GLP-interview in the pipeline and we’re in the process of writing it down but I really don’t know when it will be ready for publication. Right now the only things I can think of is going to work as long as there’s some work left, buying somewhat more non-perishable food and hygienic stuff, trying to manage the next weeks with all the kids staying home (no school, remember?), looking after grandma and planning on what to do if they cordon off (quarantine) the area we live in.

Blogwise there will still be a posting now and then whenever I find some nerves and time for it.

Maybe I will be posting more stuff like that – let me know if you like it. Some feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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