Restless – update

See update at the bottom.

Restless. That’s exactly how I feel right now.
Midnight has just passed and I should get some sleep since I have to be up again at 0430, having coffee and a smoke before heading out to work.
But how many days will I be working this coming week? No one could tell me.
They’re implementing curfew piecemeal now, calling it “restricting personal movement”.
The only four exceptions:

  • urgent shopping for food and medicine (the only thing on can shop since by tomorrow all other shops will be closed by govt. order for the foreseeable future),
  • helping others in urgent need (your old mom or grandpa who’s living alone and can’t go shopping for example)
  • taking a walk (just so one wouldn’t go crazy being confined to one’s home exclusively. This benevolent concession will be the next thing they’ll take away – bet on it. I assume they’ll get rid of it by Wednesday). One has to take this walk alone or accompanied by those living with you in the same household. Keep a minimum distance of one meter to other people! Crowding of more than five people is VERBOTEN.
  • going to work (and here’s the hiccup: only those are permitted leaving their home for work whose job can’t be delayed or carried out from one’s own home and is critical for running the system: doctors, nurses, police, firefighters, soldiers.)

My job isn’t critically needed in order to run the system, is expendable. My company has troubles anyway since we’re missing critical parts for assembly (China/Corona) and raw materials (Italy/Corona). Being away on the job has been canceled because of safety reasons (Corona) and intl. travel restrictions (Corona). Those guys aren’t coming to work any longer – as are almost all temporary workers. Not enough work left to to for them.

Today it already seemed I would have to stay home because it has been decided by the company management to close all production facilities in Austria for the foreseeable future (Corona). That decision has been revoked. If only for tomorrow no one knows. Maybe we will be told tomorrow but the way things seem right now even the management can’t be sure what the next days might hold in store for us since it’s very obvious that the government isn’t finished dishing out countermeasures fighting the spreading of COV-19.

Our government praises how China dealt with Corona.

Future might will suck.


My gut was proving me right.
We all (all those cared to appear anyway) were sent home after a couple of hours work.
No one could tell us when we can continue working. At least two to three weeks is what they told us.
Asked what preconditions are to be met in order to open the company up again we were told that very likely it will happen whenever it looks like the spreading of the infection has peaked or when governmental restrictions are being relaxed again.
Until then it’s sitting tight and weather the tough times ahead.

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