They had it in the pipeline all along: Denmark Passes Law Enabling Forced Coronavirus Vaccinations

New measures “most extreme since the Second World War.”:

Denmark has passed an emergency law that allows for the government to force people to take a vaccine for coronavirus.

The emergency law gives authorities sweeping powers to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and will remain in force until March 2021.

Citizens who refuse to be tested for the coronavirus will face fines and potential prison time, and will be prevented from entering shops, grocery stores, public institutions and hospitals while also being restricted from using public transport.

“As well as enforcing quarantine measures, the law also allows the authorities to force people to be vaccinated, even though there is currently no vaccination for the virus,” reports the Local.

Copenhagen University law professor Jens Elo Rytter said the new measures were “certainly the most extreme since the Second World War.”

The initial draft of the law was even more draconian, and would have allowed police to enter private homes without a warrant if there was a suspicion of a coronavirus infection.

However, this measure was dropped after opposition from other parties in the Parliament.

Denmark currently has 875 recorded coronavirus cases and has registered 2 deaths.


3 thoughts on “They had it in the pipeline all along: Denmark Passes Law Enabling Forced Coronavirus Vaccinations

  1. Mugwump

    The world has gone completely nuts, yet the voice of sanity and truth somehow always bubbles up to the top. I like his take on the sources of this viral insanity at the end of the video. Money? Other agendas? Nah, can’t be that. They’re just looking out for our well being.

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  2. unclezip

    .0023% chance of death from a fake illness, if you get infected. Don’t know Denmark’s population (and don’t care), but I’m betting the infection rate itself is basically minuscule. Way lower than the seasonal flu, or even colds. This whole thing stinks.

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