What’s in store for us

Next step in Austria:

Sunday evening, chancellor Kurz will deliver yet another motivational speech, lauding the Austrians for their efforts and discipline, but he will also criticize certain elements within the Austrian populace for endangering “the most vulnerable elements” of our society by not following the rules of social distancing when strolling around. Thus the rules will have to be tightened up even more: By Monday no one will be permitted to leave the home except for buying food and medication. Seeing a doctor might still be ok but he might advise us to just to call the physician for a diagnosis by phone. In case of a more severe health condition one could still call the paramedics or the national medical emergency number.

The freedom of some careless strolling, enjoying some sun and relaxing on a park bench to ease one’s mind will soon be canceled.

Also in the pipeline but not imminent: a mandatory Coronavirus-test for everyone living in Austria.

Oh, and add a syringe to that collage above for a final touch..

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