CoV-19 slaughterhouse USA…?

Shake in fear and tremble amid the mighty powers of the reaper!

The new virus has already infected 0.00979097 percent of all US-population and has killed a staggering 0.00012528 percent of all American citizens!


(Actual data found here and US population numbers of 2019 here)

3 thoughts on “CoV-19 slaughterhouse USA…?

  1. Phil

    My guts keep telling me that there is something else going on here. Trump just had a presser and I haven’t seen the transcript of it yet but from what I am hearing there is the distinct possibility that this whole shelter in place crap is a set up and cover for some back door ops.
    Keep your eyes peeled for some headlines.

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  2. unclezip

    The aliens are coming, and they want us indoors so’s we won’t look up. Anyways, this whole thing is a setup, as Phil says, but it’s so well coordinated as to make me wonder how long it’s been in the works. I smelled it in the air weeks ago, but it escalated so quickly I still got caught flatfooted. Luckily, we’re in the country so we’re always stocked. But the cities? Remember Remus’ words” Stay away from crowds”.

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  3. Defensive Training Group

    If it’s bullshit, the world leaders are all in alignment and they’re going for broke on establishing world government.

    Think of it, many nations citizenry are confined to their homes, and not a single voice in protest.

    Sun Tzu at his best – winning without fighting.

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