The German numbers of CoV-casualties are wrong! (And very likely all numbers of each and every country worldwide)

Buried within the pages of the „Bayerische Rundfunk“, one of the big players of the German mainstream media, is a place that’s called „Faktenfuchs“ – some sort of mythbuster, debunking „fake news“ and „conspiracy theories“ whilst cementing the official, governmental standpoint on any given subject.

According to Faktenfuchs, in Germany, a casualty is being counted as a Coronavirus death if:

  • A person died because of a SARS-CoV-2 infection
  • A person died because of another reason but had a Coronavirus-infection at the moment of death
  • A Coronavirus-infection has been diagnosed after death – regardless of the cause of death.

As soon these cases are included in the official statistics they’re all being officially counted as victims of the Coronavirus! 

Everyone stunned by the staggeringly high Italian Coronavirus death toll should keep in mind that the Italian government follows the same weird methods of registering CoV-casualties – as very likely do all governments.

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