Another Corona article – and a word of caution.

Everyone knows some psalms of medic mythology.
One of the best known stanzas is the imunnologic dogma

Once thou hast survived a viral malady,
Thou hast acquired immunity.
Thus, thou can not be laid low anymore
And thou can not spread said malady ever again

This surely comes handy amid the spreading Coronavirus disease causing politicians of every creed worldwide to declare every emergency conceivable in order to free their entrusted underlings electorate of cumbersome, superfluous civil and human rights in oder to ferociously and heroically battle a most infectious, extremely deadly and invisible virus that would surely kill us all if we don’t hunker down, if we don’t agree to additional surveillance that would help us follow all lockdown measures.

I admit to having gone astray from the subject matter indicated at the beginning of this article.
O Saint Greta in unison with Saint Corona:

Please forgive my vile digression which I did solely for the purpose of heretical mockery!

Now with peace of blessings in mind, let’s delve into the matter that really drives me mad as hell.

To reiterate… as we all know it is said to be a fact that everyone who made it through a viral infection is immune against that virus And cannot infect anyone else.

Now Austria meanwhile has accumulated hundreds of immune people since the outbreak of CoV-19.
These people are the lucky bastards since they can now live lives as everyone did before.
They can go wherever they want, visit whoever they fancy, they don’t have to practice „social distancing“ anymore since they’re neither a menace to the vulnerable portion of the population since they can’t carry the virus anymore, nor is there any risk for that person to catch that infection again. Immune, remember?
So these guys are free. They must be. Right?


The other day our beloved government has decreed in its unfathomable wisdom that these people must also adhere to the rules of lockdown, must still endure all restrictions, be it social restrictions or limited movement outside the home.

Are you shitting me?
Your rules, your decrees and laws ain’t worth the dirt under my fingernails, you criminal scumbags!

These jerks are already talking in public about their vision of our future by preparing us for a “new normalcy” as they put it.

Anyone who dares to rebel against their schemes is a potential murderer by endangering the most vulnerable part of our society: The Elderlies™!
He will be dealt with severely.

No one should ever dare asking a certain rhetorical question in my presence:

How could it happen? How could it have come to this?

Just look around yourself right now and tell me what you’re seeing:

A cowed, fearful herd of TV addicts, scared shitless by media propaganda and politician’s threats, surveilled not just by drones and police (there wouldn’t be enough of both to keep tabs on every citizen) but also by their fellow citizens – their neighbors!

Joseph Stalin would have loved that and he wouldn’t have needed a Gulag.

We weren’t thrown into a Gulag – we‘re building a Gulag around ourselves by not raising hell, by silently obeying to useless orders and silently doing everything in order to not rock the boat.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn writes in “Archipelago Gulag” of the period in 1934 and 1935, when black vans went out every night in St. Petersburg, known then as Leningrad, to round up “class enemies”: former members of the aristocracy, former civil servants, former businessmen, former teachers, professors, and professional people, any Russian — any real Russian — who had graduated from a university.
A quarter of the population of the city was arrested and liquidated by the NKVD during this two-year period.

Solzhenitsyn laments that the citizens of St. Petersburg cowered behind their doors when the black vans pulled up at their apartment houses night after night to arrest their neighbors. If only the decent Russians had fought back, Solzhenitsyn says, if only they had ambushed some of these secret police thugs in the hallways of their apartments with knives, pickaxes, or hammers, if only they had spiked the tires of the police vans while the thugs were in the apartments dragging out their victims, they could easily have overwhelmed the forces of the NKVD and forced an end to the mass arrests. But they didn’t fight back, and the arrests and liquidations continued. And so, Solzhenitsyn concludes, because of their cowardice and their selfishness the Russians deserved what the communists did to them.
Do we deserve better?

2 thoughts on “Another Corona article – and a word of caution.

  1. Rollory

    “as we all know it is said to be a fact ”

    Except it ISN’T.

    There’s multiple reports of people recovering from chinavirus, going about their normal business, and a few weeks after recovery getting sick again and testing positive once more.

    The reports out of China on this topic (not necessarily reliable, I know) indicate these second-time infections have a high probability of resulting in sudden heart failure.

    How true that is remains to be seen. The basic problem with this disease is that we don’t know much about it and the information out of China is only useful as a general indicator of things to look at (to their credit, they DID tell us about hydroxychloroquine’s seeming effectiveness fairly early on). But until we see large numbers of recovered people with established and proven immunity, this isn’t an irrational policy. You’re basing your anger on “everybody knows” things that just ain’t so.


    1. Unfuck U

      First off:
      I wrote – just as you quoted – „it is said to be a fact“
      This should have given the reader a hint that I don’t necessarily agree with medic dogmata.

      The only cases I ever heard of regarding a viral reinfection happened in China which – as you rightfully pointed out – isn’t a reliable source by any means.
      All interviews with epidemiologists and virologists within the European theatre I know of failed to point out that possibility.
      I doubt they’d do that since that would mean

      That – if a viral reinfection by the same strain is possible – this would mean the end of another medic dogma:
      The dogma of the usefulness of vaccinations.
      And yes: it is common knowledge that an acquired immunity by infection is in fact the best immunity one could ever get. On par or better than that one can acquire by vaccination.

      There’s a lot of big money involved here, my friend. And in our societies money sadly always trumps the value of lifes.


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