You Don’t Need Any Experts

Here’s an article from Phil.
Originally, I started writing a response in the commentaries at his site but that response became too extensive so I put it here:

it’s all turning very bad already over here. There’s no such thing as civil rights anymore amid The Crisis™- -even those so called human rights are now finally showing what they are: a smokescreen, toothless regulatories and the only group left profiting from those rights are illegal migrants, asylum seekers.

The situation of all European nations is pretty similar – with the exception of countries like Sweden and… no… no, not even those former Eastern Block countries are an exception anymore – even there the hammer is falling and their economy is being willfully pulverized.
Citizens are being locked up in their homes more or less all over Europe, differences between countries are only marginal.

The poorest of them all are the elderlies, the so-called “most vulnerable group of society” – all those elderly people who happen to be within an institution, be it a retirement home or a care home are literally imprisoned now. Imagine those old people living there day by day whilst their only remaining joy ist sitting outside in the sun talking and playing cards or chess with their fellow inmates – and waiting for a family member to come visit them once a week or a fortnight.

In Austria, ALL those homes are locked and off limits for visitors. No more having a stroll or sitting outside at a table. Add to this the fact that more and more of these locked down institutions are experiencing the horror of COVID-19 infection spreading within their walls. Every inmate now isn’t just locked up within the house but also inside their rooms. If they’re singles or widowed they have to cope with their anxiety alone.

A nurse or a doctor may drop by from time to time – wearing maybe protective clothing but surely gloves and a facemask, hiding their emotions. Those that show symptoms are still being transferred to a hospital’s ICU’s with slim chances of survival if they also happen to have other medical issues. Their dying will be also alone since hospitals are closed for visitors as well.

When they’re dead a burial cannot be held with more than five people. Some way to say farewell..

There’s even people marrying these days – but there mustn’t be more than three guests at the ceremony. What a party…

Speaking of which: No more bars, restaurants, cafés or dancing clubs. No more gyms, no hardware stores, no gun shops. And, no, you cannot receive firearms and ammunition by any kind of postal service – that’s not allowed in Austria since many years anymore.
Even all synagogues, mosques and churches aren’t offering worship services any longer.
Except of food stores, gas stations, pharmacies and banks EVERYTHING is closed.

Since the beginning of the lockdown, the Austrian republic has never had such an unemployment rate since her foundation after the Second World War. Most of us who are lucky enough still having a job are put on short-time labor, worrying about their future employment amid the slow erosion of all supply chains.

So we’re more or less locked up in our homes while politicians are contemplating about their next steps of “protecting us” (reminds me of Mafia tactics and protection money), leaking tidbits of what’s in the pipeline:

stopp corona app

How about that nifty smartphone App that doesn’t just register every move you make but also registers which other cellphone is closeby indicating a personal contact between their owners? What it does ist warning all since gathered contacts of COVID-19 should one become infected and quarantined: “please call the national health emergency number for an appointment to ascertain your medical status!”.

Awww… the blessings of modern technology in the service of big brotherly love!

A couple of hundred thousands of Austrians already installed this App (run by the Red Cross) on their smartphone in order to battle Coronavirus. Now since our overseers feel that the numbers of volunteers don’t add up they might want this application to be mandatory on every smartphone. Those that don’t have a smartphone will be given a special kind of keyring pendant that supposedly does the same job.

We’re being told that all we had to endure until now was just the calm before the storm. We haven’t seen anything yet.

Chancellor Kurz and his underlings are all talking of the “new normalcy” waiting for us in maybe a couple of months when restrictions are slowly being lifted.

Mind you they aren’t saying that we will have our normal every day life handed generously handed back to us – nope.
A new normalcy is beckoning us.

Hell, there’s so much going on, so much to go nuts abou if you’re prone to it – just ask me if you want to know anything and I will tell you gladly.

Yours sincerely,

At this point every time I take a peek at the news all I see is bad. Lots and lots of bad. Lots and lots of REALLY bad. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell any of you that, you can see it for yourselves. At this point I think everyone needs to start […]

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