OK, that’s for real I guess.

NOT. Dammit.
This blog has excellent readers shining the way for the keeper of this blog should he ever go astray!
Thanks Irish! (see his comment below)

I never gave the possibility of extraterrestrial life much thought since it really doesn’t matter to our daily life if there’s someone out there or not – as long as they’re not hellbent destroying our home planet.

Until now I didn’t believe any of those pictures and blurry videos one can find on the internet were any proof of alien life. Most of them I consider being a fraud, others are lens reflections and some seem to be of Terran origin and have simply been mistaken for alien spacecrafts.

Until now.
This recording made by a Frenchman seems perfectly legit to me – these are real spacecrafts to me.
Quite likely since these ships are at least ten kilometers by one kilometer. Huge dimensions and I don’t think we’re capable of building something that big.
Thrice. In secret.
No way.

5 thoughts on “OK, that’s for real I guess.

  1. egorr

    Pity the CGI-er didn’t do their Orbital Mechanics calculations! It would have been harder to tell it was fake, although the lunar image jitter would still be there.
    E for effort.


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