It has been overly quiet in the asylum lately and I think an explanation for this is overdue.

like everyone else I am entangled in daily life that has become that much weirder since governments all around the world have decided to do something about a virus that isn’t either very novel nor very dangerous as we’re all slowly begin to find out.

It’s hard not to focus on that quagmire our beloved politician have chosen to put us in since it does affect us all in very fundamental ways, changes our life, impacts our relations and the way we deal with other people.

Sure there is more than just Covid-19 out there but our life has become so much influenced by all those restrictions and regualtions that we’re unable living a normal life the way we used to have in January this year.

What it sooner or later boils down to for almost everyone, what all of us will pretty soon discover is the fact that there is no life, no real, meaningful life for us in store as long as those measures haunt us like a nighmare,

Maybe some can adapt.
Maybe some even welcome the change.
I can’t.
I won’t accept this way of living.
I am not a serf.

Slowly I am reaching a point where all I can think and say regarding this viral mess is


I won’t comply anymore.
I don’t use a facemask.
Never had.
The only concession I make is wearing a hadkerchief around my neck – cowboy style.
Whenever a “facemask” has to be worn I pull that shit over my mouth.
I won’t fight near suffocation because they want me to brathe through a piece of useless cloth.
I don’t do any “social distancing”.
If anyone feels he needs distance he can do the distancing.
I won’t.
These assholes in government are playing their fucking games with us, trying to train us to be obedient but if I should ever feel that I have to be obedient this obedience is only granted to someone who deserves obedience. The fact alone that he’s a minister, a prime minister or a chancellor doesn’t automatically merit “obedience by underlings”.
Because we ain’t.
No one is an underling.
We’re not a King’s subjects.
He’s just a mediocre politician who very likely will never be held accountable for all the madness and economic turmoil he brought over us.
Why should I follow his orders?
Because they made a bunch of new laws?
Only because madness is a law now doesen’t change madness into reason.
It’s still madness. A bunch of mad laws.

Kneel if you think you must in order to live on.

I remain standing.


Does this article make sense to you? Does it explain why I didn’t write much lately?
I didn’t explain but started to rave right from the beginning.
Call it cabin fever.
Lockdown fatigue.

The only thing I can imagine writing about is all that shit mentioned before.
So I’d rather don’t write much.
It would always be the same.

That’s why, dear inmates.

Don’t take your medication for now.

7 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Phil

    Welcome to the dark side.
    No mask, period.
    Go wherever the fuck I want, when I want.
    The State can kiss my entire, narrow, ass.


    1. Unfuck U

      Just woke up man.
      Just said my good morning to my family, grabbed a cigarette and went to the bathroom. Sittin’ on the throne checking emails and WordPress – and there’s Phil giving me my first assignment of the day!
      Hey, I can start ranting right now.
      Guess what: the company I work for just made wearing a face mask mandatory for every single worker.
      Gotta think of some creative way how I can circumvent this without losing my job…


      1. rightwingterrorist

        At my place of employment they gave us two see through bandannas and made them “required” to wear.
        Of course, they neglected to instructed us just exactly how to wear them.


        Liked by 1 person

      2. Unfuck U

        Lol, yeah that’s exactly what they’re doing over here, too.
        Making masks mandatory but no explanation on how to use them correctly.
        So I decided wearing them upside-down.
        There’s that sewed in kind of wire that one can bend so that it fits snug on your nose. Putting it upside-down and bending it in a U-shape allows me to breathe past my chin.


  2. Blue

    Completely understandable. The more ridiculous the restrictions become, the more defiant and pissed off I get. The less tolerant I am becoming of ppl who are compliant. Useless idiots.


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