Living behind a mask

Short answer:

It sucks.
Big time!

Gosh, it would be so much easier fighting for some air while working if I’d still believed what MSM, CDC, ECDC and my government are telling me about that “novel” Corona virus.

Even if I could believe the myth that such a stupid piece of cloth is holding back said virus things would be easier.

At first I wore that miserable piece of worthless (fill in the blanks) upside-down bending the masks wire in a fashion so that I could get some airflow around my chin – but wearing a Santa-style beard is reducing that tiny stream of air too much.


Today, I finally had enough and decided wearing that mask correctly – with the exception of letting my nose peek out above it. That way I don’t feel like constantly fighting suffocation even though it’s still pretty hot behind the muzzle.

Every colleague or boss looking at me sideways because of that is being bestowed with a most irate look that shuts ’em up before they even open their mouths.

Still, wearing a mask sucks way too much and at least I can’t get used to this crap.

Thanks to all of you for your input. I really appreciate that.

4 thoughts on “Living behind a mask

  1. Mugwump

    Here’s a joke to cheer you up. Stop me if you’ve heard it before…

    A face mask will keep out the corona virus like your underwear will keep out a fart.


  2. rightwingterrorist

    Don’t forget, it’s for their protection, not yours.
    Not to mention, you’re already half-way prepared to be water boarded.



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