Making space for German readers


Let us accommodate German speaking readers!

For this, we have opened two new wings in the asylum:  the English wing and the German section.

This means that the blog itself will become a pool of both English and German articles. Whenever I post a new article it will be tagged for the language it was written in.

Those of you who don’t want to be bothered by a foreign language can now go the page with their language. Maybe it’s a good idea going there and then changing the bookmark for this blog accordingly.

As many of you know I originally wrote mostly German articles with a couple of English articles sprinkled in.

There’s so much going on over here in Europe lately that I feel the urge to write more German articles again.

No worries  – I will continue writing English articles!

Don’t forget your medication and go back to sleep.

4 thoughts on “Making space for German readers

  1. rightwingterrorist

    Ran out of my meds.
    The good news is that my Victory Gin ration has increased from 1L to 5L!



    1. Unfuck U

      That’s unfortunate for the asylum viewed from an economic standpoint:
      Gin preserves quite well (remember the Qeen‘s Mom?).
      Who told you to change your medication?
      Go see a warden, give him your Gin and get some extra medication ASAP.


      1. rightwingterrorist

        Wait a second!
        I could have sworn that I reported a -.5 increase from 1.
        Must be the lack of meds.
        I will have to self-report this, two neighbors, and myself to my local commissar after today’s session of 2 min hate.
        Placing myself prostate and reliant on the mercy of the tribunal.



      2. Unfuck U

        There’s always the possibility of an alternate punishment.
        How about getting a filling on a tooth that doesn’t need one whilst listening to cossack songs performed by Barak O. and Hillary C.?


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