Go fuck your masks!

It’s enough having to wear a goddamn mask at work. It’s really not like that company had to come up with this shit – there are many comparable companies in our region not ordering their labor force to wear a muzze.

i can’t cope with wearing a mask. My psyche is acting up and my aggression towards all obedient serfs and still frightened figures out there is reaching an all time high every single day.

So while not working I have become pretty ornery when it comes to wearing such a face-rag.

Gas station. I am picking five ice cones from their fridge outside. The cashier’s counter has a big plastic shield installed, the cashier behind that shield is wearing a huge face mask. There are two clients inside – all obediently wearing a mask. As I enter the shop without a mask the cashier’s voice sounds muffled yet shrill:

”Put on your mask please!”

”Oh, no. I won’t. I will not wear a mask. No way. Can’t do that.”

”Then wait outside until our customers have left the shop!”

”All right.”

I am leaning against the door frame of the entrance. The first customer passes by without any show of emotions. The second one though gives me a big grin as he pulls off his mask while exiting. My turn. I enter the shop, heading to the cashier.

”May I ask why you’re refusing to wear a mask?”

”Oh, that’s due to health reasons.”

”And what are your health reasons?”

”That’s not of your concern, buddy. I don’t think I have to tell you.”

”But you will have to explain your reasons to the cops should they ask you.”

”Yeah, I guess that’s what I’ll do then. Look: it’s quite easy. You have done your duty by asking me to wear a mask – and I have refused doing that.”

The cashier pushes the ice cones over the laser scanner and hands them back to me. While I rummage through my wallet for the coins he almost whines:

”Ya know since the government has opened that legal backdoor exempting clients of their duty to be wearing a mask because of ’health reasons’ there are so many assholes not wearing a mask anymore even though they wore one before!”

”well… assholes? You know I’m sorry for you having to wear a mask behind that counter but … well, that’s just not the way things are going to happen.”

He mumbled some reply into his mask while I left the shop, heading home.

That ice cone really tasted well.

32 thoughts on “Go fuck your masks!

  1. ValleyForged

    There is an article about a neurosurgeon who says not only is there no evidence that wearing an N95 will help stop the spread of coronavirus, but that wearing one if you are infected will cause the virus to be ingested in your nasal passages and carried straight to your brain!

    Really folks how dumb are we? How can people not see this is all about control.

    You want to walk around with a mask because the government tells you to? Well thank you for that because you have identified yourself as just the kind of gutless wonder that will sell his or her freedoms for your perceived safety.

    And if that is who you are, enjoy your coming enslavement, but you sure are no countryman of mine!

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    1. Mck Will

      Wow that’s pretty amazing what the neurosurgeon said !! It makes so much sense. We know from simple physics the mask is not doing a darn thing because it’s not sealed. The only way for the mask to act as a filter is you would have to have a tight seal. OTHERWISE the exhaled air will hit resistance and take the path of LEAST resistance to equalize with ambient atmospheric pressure. All that is occurring is instead of exhaled air going straight out the mouth, it’s just being exhausted out the sides of the mask in an oval pattern which is exactly why your glasses tend to fog up. But it does make perfect sense how any potential viruses could go up the nose on the next inhale. The whole darn thing is about air pressure and equalization. All the mask is, is a crude blocker door but nevertheless the same exact principle as BLOCKER DOORS on jet engines that BLOCK fan air exhaust to give the aircraft a REVERSE THRUST vector upon landing the aircraft. When the fan air hits the BLOCKER DOOR, newton’s law of motion occurs to slow the aircraft, and at the same time the air is vented to atmosphere out the sides of the engine. Bottom line is it doesn’t matter if we’re talking Boeing Jets or a face mask, physics are physics.


  2. unclezip

    I’ve taken to baaaing like a sheep when I spot covidiots with their masks. The funniest looks are from the muzzies…


      1. Mck Will

        That OK !!! WE ARE ON THE SAME TEAM !! We ARE FIGHTING THE SAME ENEMY !! I stand with you 100%. It’s all about being free so God bless you richly !!


  3. rightwingterrorist

    My bird beaked plague mask came in.
    My kids love wearing it in public.
    I won’t wear anything.
    Here in NE Texas most people are not wearing any masks.
    The ones that I do see are mostly at the grocery store.
    Middle aged Karens and blacks mostly.
    They wear them wrong at first glance and seem to be simply virtue signaling and as voodoo magic talismans.


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  4. Heather

    Is there a support group for those of us who see what’s really going on and want to talk to reasonable individuals? I am so tired of explaining to friends, loved ones and total strangers that their “cloth face coverings” are more than 100 percent useless…but everyone seems to think they’re doing everyone else a favor. It’s MADDENING!!

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      1. GingerBee

        There is a group called Unmask The Truth on the social media platform MeWe. I’m finding it absolutely life-saving in terms of feeling like I’m not alone in this. It’s a super easy app to use. Please feel free to join us


  5. dodo

    hahaha. These replies are priceless. They just ordered a “mask mandate” here in Tarrant County. I’ve already gotten into two confrontations…even before the mandate officially began, with over-eager store employees. Dumb fucks. They don’t even understand the text of the “mandate,” which technically only requires they post a SIGN, and allows exceptions for health reasons and those 2 and under. They totally freak the fuck out when you start explaining to them. I ordered a plague mask myself…I will dress in the whole fucking costume and do my shopping. Especially in the stores with pricks. That is, when I’m not walking in unmasked and causing them to freak the fuck out. Does ANYONE realize “any old face covering” is complete bullshit and will accomplish pretty much nothing, either in protecting you, or protecting others? Virtue signalling, totally. Our leaders are freaking out and throwing any old shit at the wall to see what will stick. Total desperation move.

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    1. Mck Will

      Yea Tarrant county res also – I told a clerk at a Tom Thumb that the WRONG flags are flying – the proper flag to fly is the Red flag with 5 yellow stars – It’s not right to DISHONOR the American Flag when it’s flying over a communist dictatorship. In the stores since I’m backed into a MF corner, I wear in addition dark sunglasses and a hat. I tape postie notes to my hat “Gregg Abbott is a RINO” “Forced Masking = No talking” andI do just that. I don’t talk to anyone wearing a mask. They’ll be like “find everything you need ?” and I’ll NOT SAY A WORD. I bring a notepad in case I got to communicate anything. On top of that I walk 1/2 MPH or slower and take my sweet ass time getting cash out or punching in the card numbers. They want to play their F ing BS games, I’ll play them right back.


  6. Rachel S

    People are sheeple. Sitting in their houses terrified of a virus that doesn’t kill 99% of people that catch it, and scuttling around wearing a mask when they’re out. Stupidity beyond anything I’ve ever seen, especially as there is ZERO scientific evidence to show masks protect you from anything. I will never wear a fucking mask. Ever. And fuck those that do.

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    1. Unfuck U

      As you might have read somewhere in this blog, I am Austrian.
      We have an incredible media hype and fear mongering concerning Covid and “the second wave” right now.
      Infection rates are rising we are told and we’re supposed to be worried about those numbers.
      Being infected doesn’t mean you’re sick but the media reports every positive tested person as being sick. At the same moment they’re telling us that those newly discovered “sick” people only have been found because of a higher rate of screenings. This means that these people are asymptomatic, that they feel as healthy as you and me. A couple weeks ago, a spokeswoman of the WHO declared in a press conference that “asymptomatic positives very rarely are spreading the virus”.
      Thinking of all that really drives me nuts!
      Back to the numbers of infected being reported in our country:
      Since I cannot really get a feeling for big numbers (like millions or more) as well as very small percentages (like 0.006 percent) I decided to use numbers I can understand.
      First I calculated the percentage of Covid-positives in relation to the whole Austrian population.
      Then I made an experiment by saying:
      „Suppose you’re earning 2,000 bucks every month. Cash on the nail. Now let’s subtract this tiny percentage and see what’s left…“
      Guess what: after subtracting that percentage I was left with 1,999.85 bucks!
      Wow. Quite dangerous that virus, eh?


      1. Mck Will

        I just looked it up, I’m getting info that OVID does mean a “sheep” and it says that it’s the “Roman Latin” derivative. I certainly don’t claim to be a “language expert” but I 1st heard it from a great lady Peggy Hall from her You Tube Channel the Healthy American {HA}. Since I never take anything at face value just because someone says so, I looked it up myself and confirmed it. I don’t mind at all being challenged as long as it’s respectful and since we’re on the same team I welcomed it. Actually I found several variations of the word including the one you mentioned. Peggy Hall was saying on her you tube that it was her belief they used OVID on purpose {and added a “C”} and now that I’ve had time to think about it, it really makes sense. If you’re going to abbreviate something, it’s best to make it as short as possible but still get the meaning. Otherwise it’s pointless to abbreviate. To me it’s simply more natural to say or write CV19. There’s no need for all the other letters – and we don’t need the letter “D” because we’re not stupid, we can deduct it’s an illness {I.e. Disease}


    2. Jennifer

      Unfortunately, many of us are required to by our Communist governors and mayors. I am, though I refuse (except to go into stores). I just keep 6 feet distance from people out of respect for their ridiculously exaggerated fears. People scream “You’re killing people!” At me as I walk down the street, even though I’m far away from them and am obviously not sick. I have a degree in health science and I’ve taken microbiology and immunology. I have a pretty good idea of how not to get sick. I really wish more people knew more about basic infection prevention. Then they would be a lot less susceptible to this UN and Democrat party initiated propaganda.


      1. Unfuck U

        My wife found a wonderful question to disarm the hysterics:
        “Just suppose the MSM didn’t report anything Corona related: would you have noticed anything out of the ordinary since January?”


      2. Mck Will

        Thanks for sharing – it’s good to hear that from someone like yourself that has studied the subject in depth. What I 1st realized is just very basic laws of physics will tell you since the mask is not sealed, it’s impossible for the mask to trap anything because as soon as exhaled air hits the mask it is confronted with resistance and for a split second the air pressure in the mask goes up. Since the mask is unsealed, the exhaled air will in another split second exit out the sides of the mask in an oval shape as the air pressure seeks to equalize with ambient atmospheric pressure by taking the path of least resistance. This is EXACTLY why if you wear glasses while wearing the mask the glasses will get foggy because all you’ve done is REDIRECTED your exhaled breath. Nothing has changed except of the pattern of exhaled air.


      3. Blue

        I have never worn a mask. I get harassed all the time so I refuse to go anywhere unless I’m with my husband (also unmasked) who no one ever says a word to. I am afraid of being physically attacked by these unhinged idiots, but I’ve been on this earth almost 60 years and I haven’t been sick in almost a decade. They can’t just change the rules in the middle of the game. We need to reach herd immunity before this virus will wear itself out. From the CDC’s own website at the beginning of this debacle, 11 million died worldwide in 2019 from the seasonal flu and no one blinked an eye. I have asthma and thyroid disease and I know how to treat my body and breathing in my own waste is not healthy. I exercise, go outside and breathe the fresh air, I take my vitamins religiously. I am so tired of being called a murderer because I refuse to wear a mask. My anxiety is thru the roof and grocery shopping causes me stress that one should never get shopping for food. Sick of it all. And pissed. Pissed at how the sheep just all fell for the lie and fell into line without even questioning. Pissed at our sanctimonious governor that is basically encouraging the bullying of anti-maskers by calling us murderers. And none of this is going to go away as long as the majority stays compliant.


    3. Mck Will

      I’m with you 100% – yea the mask is a joke- all that is happening is exhaled air is simply being bypassed {due to back pressure} out the sides of the mask and dispersed in an oval shaped pattern. If you wear glasses that is EXACTLY why the glasses get foggy !! We always hear the saying, “this aint rocket science” well in this case this is not even grade school home economics. It’s like how dam stupid do people have to be to realize nothing is being accomplished because DUH, the mask is not sealed on the face and therefor the exhaled air by basic physics can not pass through the mask because just like electricity, air pressure will take the path of least resistance to equalize with ambient atmosphere. But the OVIDS {latin for sheep} will say “but the mask is catching the water droplets” – Oh that’s just bright, so if the mask is catching the “water droplets” how on God’s earth are the glasses getting foggy ?? Duh !! it’s because your exhaled breath contains atomized moisture.


  7. Jello

    I have a suggestion for you. Whenever someone asks you why you’re not wearing your face mask, look massively insulted and say, in your best Greta Thunberg voice, “How DARE you! I have an ADA exemption!” The law states that no one is allowed to even ask you the nature of your ADA exemption.


    1. Mck Will

      Yea so many contradictions from “government” officials. You got ole keebler elf Fauchi said in the early stages “masks are a waste of time” Now ole keebie is saying “you better wear your mask” Then you got ole wierdo Hany Panky telling us he doesn’t respect us if we don’t wear a mask and I don’t respect his donkey for flying on Epstein’s jet !! Hanky Panky is a weird SOB – in the past he goes to parks and he lfinds lost clothing, socks, shoes, ect but especially kids shoes or gloves or whatever – then Hanky Panky will start saying “I wonder whose shoe that is ??” If it’s a kid’s shoe, he’ll say weird stuff like “I wonder if his mommy knows he lost his shoe?? What happened to the other shoe ?? Yea Hanky Panky the weirdo actor and the Keebler Elf and all the communist marxist Governors and all the bastard CDC people {Center for Disease Creation} and every other STATIST, can all eat doggie doo !!!


  8. Martoon fish

    I don’t think I’ve ever been this mad in my life. Been mad all week since Monday when our Nazi government here in Canada passed the mandate, it takes effect this next Monday.
    Since then I think I’ve seen less masks then I did before unless I’m going cray also lol
    Lol I almost feel sorry for the first Chad or Karen that confronts me about it I’m going to lose it on them.
    I found this site by searching fuck masks lol glad I found it, doesn’t seem to be censoring anyone, I’m banned from facebitch, twexit, and all local news chat things.
    Good to know I’m not the only one that’s mad.


  9. Martoon fish

    Here in Canada they just decided to make oppression masks manditory in my area with 500,000 people and 67 active hoax virus cases.
    When this hole thing started Canada gave the few masks we had to China, so we didn’t have any masks here and even hospitals didn’t have any for a while. I worked the hole time helping ship food to the grocery stores that were ransacked, it was really busy and stressful at work the hole time, we all worked without masks the hole time, it’s been really busy this last week also almost as if people are stalking up again befor the mask law comes into effect on Monday.
    Now we have masks that we bought from other countries, our usless prime minster sat at his cottage alone for three months making press briefings everyday, instead of getting together with our industries and makeing masks here and giveing a Canadian a job like President Donald Trump did for his people.
    Watching the two responses were like night and day, our prime minister turdo alone at his cottage mumbling on for sometimes 3 hours.
    President Trumps briefings were an hour or less and he was surrounded by lots of people he brought together to actually get things done and things made in the USA, he’s a true leader you guys are so lucky to have a good politician like that, I’m happy for you.
    So getting back to my point is now we have some masks that we bought and these retards want to waist them all when we don’t need them.
    About wearing a mask as respecting others around you,
    If you if you want to show respect to those around you you’ll respect their freedom, their choice, their risk acessment, their freedom to do what they want.


  10. dusantt

    Hi frim slovakia (shit europe)
    I laught when i see people OUTSIDE with masks. I feel like in some nutshouse. F.ck masks they wobt help. Strong immune system will !!!!
    Any opositor please bet with me. Corona + me + vitaminc = no problem at all. Bets only above US$100k accepted. Since corona lovets are sure it is deadly it should he a surebet for them hm ?
    Nice post. Im a subscriber fromnow on


  11. dusantt

    Btw i came here from duckduckgo
    Why did it give me anotger resuls as google. Censoring free opinion. Shit google


  12. dusantt

    Here in europe a lot of people wear mask with nose not covered. Thats a logic like…. Im wearing old underwear if soneone truly wants me to wear a “mask”. I should paint some fake smelly shit on it to be more yummy


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