Roman coin

Here’s a Roman coin I found many years ago.
I didn’t find out anything about it but maybe some of my readers know more about it.

(Eine römische Münze. Wer weiß mehr darüber?)


The imperator’s head seems to wear a Roman helmet


Two figures (Gods?) are holding some symbol, maybe a sun symbol. Beneath the symbol is a basket or a pedestal. The right figure seems to have angel’s wings? Strange.

2 thoughts on “Roman coin

    1. Unfuck U

      Thanks Phil!
      I found a couple of other Roman coins as well.
      One of them is pretty special: the Romans were that much advanced in metallurgy they were able making silver coins with a copper core! The coin is somewhat battered laying in a farmer‘s field for centuries but still one can make out a female figure and the Imperator‘s face.
      It’s a real treasure to me.


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