2 thoughts on “A Briton boils over

  1. AccipeHoc

    The greatest enemy America ever faced and ever will face is America.

    The greatest General to oppose Americans on the battlefield was Robert E. Lee. Outnumbered 9 to 1, lacking proper arms, artillery and shoes in the beginning, the Confederates were doomed from the start. Yet Lee surrounded himself with some of the most daring, dashing, battlefield savvy generals ever to assembled anywhere. Lee’s able group of commanders was rivaled only by the German Generalstab of WWII, and with them and their elan nearly pulled off the greatest military upset of all time!

    If I were black, I’d want those statues to stay. So that one day as my grandchild and I walked I could stop them, point up with my finger and say, “See that man there? That man was one of the greatest Generals to ever take the field. We beat him. Not because we were better, because we together were relentless. Our fellow Americans, both black and white, stood against him with all their might! We are free today because we overcame him! Never forget!”

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