5 thoughts on “Protecting you at all costs.

  1. Unfuck U

    Yes. This happened on 8-22-2019 in Albuquerque, NM.
    A certain Mr. Roger Schafer of German descent, 57 years old, lost his farm and all income during the 2008 financial crisis and didn’t manage to get back on his feet again.
    Albuquerque PD has responded to a 911-call because Mr. Schafer allegedly has been seen pointing a sidearm at traffic passing by which turned out to be a BB-soft air toy.
    Albuquerque PD is said to be infamous for botched arrests ending in the death of the suspect. Dunno if that’s true, though.


  2. Mugwump

    If you watch the video closely you’ll see he gets up on the bench with the pistol (an air BB gun that the cops didn’t know it was at the time) and then the police shoot.Leaving aside the amount of force needed, the police did have a reason to shoot.

    Of course, he was white so all this didn’t matter anyway. If he was black then…


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