Vacation 2020: finally arrived at destination!

It was a long and winding road driving from Austria to Finistère, the westernmost tip of Bretagne, France. Once trough the southern part of Germany, I had to cross all the way through France south of Paris from Strasbourg on the east to Crozon on the west coast which took me a little more than 22 hours.
I only stopped for bathroom breaks and refueling.
About two hours before sunset we finally reached our destination and took a first look at the house that will be our home for the coming two weeks.

A peek out of the front door onto the countryside and the Atlantic just before sunset.

The warm gulf stream allows palm trees to grow on a latitude north of my country.


My Volkswagen T5 in front of our vacation domicile. Note the sticker I got from Phil a while ago. This declares me being part of a very special tribe but also that I am likely lost for the rest of humanity 🙂

That’s about all I care to talk about to you guys for now. I really need hugging my pillow ASAP. More will follow maybe already tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Vacation 2020: finally arrived at destination!

  1. Phil

    I fucking LOVE IT!!!

    Enjoy your time off Notwende and don’t worry, I’ll harass ol’ Cederq plenty for ya so you can just kick back and relax.
    Damn I am STILL laughing about you driving half way across Europe with my bumper sticker for all to see.
    That is just AWESOME!


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  3. Cederq

    You truly are in a rare club Notwende, the Ornery Bastard club… have a good time and please, plant some grass! and do you sip Mai Tias lounging by your palm trees?


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