First day, recuperating


I barely ate yesterday in order to be able driving that far. If I ate, I‘d become tired and that wouldn’t have been helpful.

So it was off to shop foodstuff this late Sunday morning which in itself felt exotic since there’s no shopping in Austria Sundays.

We found a huge supermarket which was extremely crowded mostly by locals. The section for food was pretty interstellar (Gawd! Look at that dumb AI of my iPhone! I wanted to write “interesting” and it autocompleted it to “interstellar”, oh man…) as many products are made in Bretagne and are new to me. We even saw something one if my sons told me about before we started our vacation: Andouillette, a certain type of sausage that is said to stink like shit but is also sort of famous for its very good taste.

Nah. Thanks, I’ll pass…

So it was a variety of tomatoes, French cheese, Breton Coffee, salted butter, jam and bread which we bought in a small bakery along with Crêpes and Croissants

After stuffing myself with food of which I didn’t even know it existed, I found myself a nice place in the shade where I took my coffee mug to.
I still marvel this place and its sights:

One thought on “First day, recuperating

  1. Aussie John

    I believe that cheese cultured from human breast milk is commercially produced in France. Can you please provide us with a product review? Asking on behalf of Cederq, his ‘service’ as HRC’s (voluntary, unpaid) gyno nurse has left him rather shy on some matters.


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