4 thoughts on “Peaceful here…

  1. Deathray

    Seems like you’re having a good time.
    Enjoy all the different food and, have another of those beers for me. That one looked pretty good.
    Haven’t heard from Cederq in a few hours. I fear he slipped his leash again and probably out sniffing bushes like a bad dog. He’ll come home as usual providing he doesn’t play in the street.
    Anyway, enjoy the vacation and time with your family. Safe travels.

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  2. Unfuck U

    Thanks mate! Use a short leash while handling the French Pit Bull 🙂
    That picture above is meant as a joke – my youngest son got it immediately but most of my family took it as a tree (wink, wink)…


    1. Deathray

      My initial thought was a mushroom cloud
      But I’m in the middle of a large painting project and perhaps the fumes have got hold of me.


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