8 thoughts on “Life is good.

      1. Aussie John

        Oh, not necessarily, but a friendly flaxen-haired Germanic girl serving the beer would be welcomed by most men of taste.

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      2. Cederq

        Is that really the size of European and Australian condoms? Ours would stretch across the table and block out that wine goblet…


      3. Unfuck U

        You’re just talking… using is something completely different. You really shouldn’t try pulling it all over your body. It might cause respiratory problems.


  1. Aussie John

    Yep! With all those Nordic blonds, Germanic redheads, Frankish brunettes and Slavic beauties of all colours, how is it that you Europeans have problems with a low birth rate? I suspect that your women would appreciate some masculine ocker Celtic males imported to improve the gene pool, and their sex life!


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