4 thoughts on “Vlog: St. Mathieu – a 1,400 year old abbey!

  1. Aussie John

    G’day Unfuck, is it true about all the Frog girls in Brest, that they walk around with their chest puppies unleashed all day? If so, a certain Frankish pitbull of your acquaintance would slip his choker chain!


    1. Unfuck U

      G’day to you, too! While it is true that the old abbey is close to Brest I couldn’t tell if any perky titted or otherwise shapely girls were around since I am BBWFL (Blinded By Wife For Life).


      1. Aussie John

        Being single, which is probably because (most) women aren’t really dumb, I don’t have that problem. Not that there is any shortage of topless or nude women on north Queensland beaches, many girls being European tourists, so less inhibited. Many local lasses don’t care much either. Winter daytime temps here are 25C, with an SPF of 7, so less sunburn risk.


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