10 thoughts on “Covid nose swab. How it is done.

      1. Aussie John

        Unfuck, my phone has such an obsolete browser, I just see a black screen. Is ‘swap’ a mistake, or some sprechen zie Osterreich? I failed German language study in the 8th grade.


      1. Aussie John

        It is a Chinesium Nokia, with a 4 x 7 cm screen. Clapped-out and with bits falling off, rather like me! I am unable to get around much with my crook back, after extensive spinal surgery. So maybe I will find someone to shop for a tablet computer, so I can properly read your and Phil’s blogs.

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  1. Aussie John

    Thank you. I have another motive also, I want to watch Cederq driving the car! Did it take many dog biscuits to train him? I’d be worried about him trying to run over cats or ANTIFA thugs, or pick up anything female! Still, I suppose a cranky old dog like him deserves fun too.


    1. Cederq

      I drive a proper AMERICAN pick up, you won’t find this redneck in a car unless it was a Maybach… Ya’ll drive soy boy cars and vans… drive something with an American V8 under the hood. Make sure the doggy biscuits are minty flavored. Anything female Aussie John? I have a choice of species?


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