Brest harbor

The port of Brest is both a civilian and a Navy harbor. French battleships and uboats are stationed here – including those equipped with nuclear missiles.

During the Second World War the port of Brest was used by the German Reichsmarine (Navy) whose Battleships Gneisenau, Scharnhorst and Prinz Eugen anchored here.

By 1941, the German Marine built the uboat bunker which is Europe‘s largest bunker even nowadays.

The bunker served as Shipyard for battleships and uboats as well as a regular bunker for German uboats of the type VII B and VII C.

The German uboat bunker from 1943. Blowing it up after the war wasn’t feasible. Today, it serves the French navy.

Closeup of the bunker. Its armament consists of six meters steel reenforced concrete. It has a with of 330 meters, it‘s 190 meters long and 17 meters tall.

The inside. German uboats returning home anchored here for repairs and resupply.

The Japanese uboat I-8 in front of the bunker (1943)


19 thoughts on “Brest harbor

  1. Aussie John

    My phone has a tiny screen, and I am half blind in my old age, so I got a magnifying glass to check, still couldn’t find even one! Unfuck, are you sure you took a photo of a breast?


    1. Unfuck U

      Would I like to know about your obsessions? It solely depends on their severity and your finances.
      So if you’re a vegetable but filthy rich and willing to pay handsomely for my counseling I’m all game.


      1. Aussie John

        Schoolboys likely still titter(!) at the name when studying primary level geography, well I still do. I thought I’d found an ideal habitat much closer to home, while perusing a map, Booby Island. I was so disappointed when it became apparent they meant bloody seabirds!

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      2. Unfuck U

        You’re funny! You know, there are names of places in Austria one really shouldn’t mention in public. Like a village close to the Bavarian border by the name of Fucking. Yes. It really exists.
        And then there’s Mösendorf which would translate to „village of pussy“.
        Me? I‘d rather live in Bierbaum, meaning „beer tree“.


  2. Aussie John

    Unfuck, if you ever get the chance to holiday with your family in northern Australia, tropical far north Queensland in particular during the southern hemisphere winter (June to August), you will truly enjoy yourselves and your camera will get a real workout. But be warned, use plenty of sunblock: SPF 50+ reccomended, not just tanning lotion. You know that is really why Steve Irwin died? He forgot to apply plenty of UV cream, to protect himself against dangerous rays!


  3. Aussie John

    A beach suburb north of Cairns is named Yorkey’s Knob. There have been several attempts by snooty blow-ins to ‘improve’ the locale by changing it’s name. Historically, the original 19th century settler on the knobby promontary of land was an old hermit, originally from Yorkshire in England, hence ‘Yorkey’. This grumpy old bloke (sounds like one of your readers) was in the habit of rowing his small skiff to Green Island, 12km offshore Cairns, to catch succulent reef fish among the coral reef, also a good source of cash back then, as now. In what is now a marine national park, he tried to save time fulfilling orders by using a charge of dynamite to stun the fish, intending to scoop them up after they had floated to the surface. However, mother nature got her own back, as he blew an arm off, leaving it to feed the fish, as he had to make it back to shore and aid, single-handedly (pun intended).


  4. Deathray

    Lancaster County Pennsylvania with the Amish

    Blue Ball

    Bird in hand


    All real places

    Un you totally have that Amish look going
    Dress you in the proper clothes and you’d get lost in the crowd.


      1. Deathray

        Yeah okay
        Good luck looking.

        They’re kinda still living in colonial days
        So like being clean and smelling good is stretching the imagination.


      2. Unfuck U

        I guess people in colonial days not only knew about soap but also used it frequently. Maybe their hygienic products didn’t have as much fragrance but such a fact would be just fine for me since a body that has been washed with plain soap smells a lot better than one that’s perfumed excessively with synthetic perfumes found in today’s soaps and shampoos.


      3. Cederq

        Yeah, but they don’t shower as often as you would like… and they do not shave their legs or pits or bikini lines…


      4. Unfuck U

        So what? If you’re looking for true companionship I think you won’t need looking any further. They’ve got their minds set right.


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