13 thoughts on “Damn! I LOVE this camera!

  1. Aussie John

    Unfuck, I hoped to see pics of some cute French girls included in your travelogue. Are you on that short a leash from Mrs. Unfuck that this nanny-goat is all that is allowed? If so, as a single gent, my sympathy.


      1. Aussie John

        Oh yes, they do. I saw a French movie once, so they’ve made at least the one, and it had girls in it! However, not being the average multilingual European, I don’t speak Frog, so havn’t the foggiest what it was about. Come to think of it, English is a bit of a stretch too! Do they also have girls in Austria, or is it necessary to import them?


      1. Cederq

        I just thought you just like goats, especially dressed in lacy undies and stockings….. see, a dog turd. I told ya!


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