9 thoughts on “Vacation ends – bye to France!

    1. Unfuck U

      Actually I tried finding out about gun laws in France so I might be able taking at least my .22lr rifle along. It would have been far too complicated and not worth the hassle.
      I wouldn’t have found the time for it anyways.


      1. Aussie John

        Unfuck, an old maxim that more people should live by: “All time’s wasted, wots not spent shootin’!” A real truism, and you could have picked off a couple of conies for Cederq to munch on! Hey, I thought EU regulations were meant to do away with hindering red-tape between member nations?


      2. Unfuck U

        Unfortunately we don’t have any amendments to our constitution like the Americans have. This is especially true for Germany and a little less for Austria. Maybe it’s because we actually don’t even have a constitution.
        The EU is great when it comes to freedom of goods and money transfer but the Marxists in Brussels and their counterparts in most European member states work tirelessly for the disarmament of their underlings. Every year gun laws are becoming stricter. We even have to register air rifles now.


  1. Aussie John

    It is worse in Australia for red-tape, in all states you must first acquire a weapons licence, then a police permit-to-acquire for each individual gun, and comply with secure storage regulations (which change seemingly at whim, seeing people charged for breaches they were unaware of). This last is ensured by regular inspection by cops, the rules taken from British policing. Air rifles and air shotguns are classed as Category A, air pistols as Cat. H for pistols, would be issued solely for pistol club competition use, hard to obtain (because we hear of so many bank robberies commited with single-shot air guns, sarcasm). The only good side is that hunting here is easier, and cheaper, than Europe. Hunting of feral animals is unregulated for bag limit, but gun safety and property laws apply of course. Those feral animals include, but are not limited to: rabbits, hares, brumbies, camels, donkeys, Asiatic swamp buffalo, pigs (the no.1 pest). The latter so much so that Parks & Wildlife use helicopters with mulpiple shooters using M-14s or similar rifles to kill enough so it is safe for tourists to enter National Parks after the wet season (the Big Wet). Those M-14 rifles are held by pest eradicators (an oxymoron) on Cat. D permits.


    1. Mck Will

      It’s pretty dam amazing the “citizens” can’t see the hypocrisy in “the government” {who are flesh and blood humans just like everyone else} having on hand tons and tons and tons of firepower at their disposal, but the little guy has to {like what was mentioned} do belly flops just to carry an air gun. Wouldn’t it be neat for example, you’re in a place that has a sign “No Firearms Allowed” and some bastard cop {yes police are bastard no good SOB’s} comes walking in with “his” weaponry and they get challenged, “Hey MOE FOE, do you see the sign MOE FOE ?? Hey MOE FOE it says No firearms allowed period end of sentence. So unless you’re willing to leave your weaponry in your bubble gum machine equipped “interceptor”, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED IN HERE – got that MOE FOE Cop ??” Wouldn’t that be neat ?? But most people are too dam scared to challenge these bastard roach maggot pieces of garbage otherwise known as “cops”. I’m not in any way saying to engage in violence, just call them out on their hypocrisy, let them see how they contradict themselves in every dam thing they do. What the real goal should be is shame them and they could see the errors of their ways and they would by their own free will and choice turn in their badge and weaponry, and resign in a peaceful manner. Many cops in the USA have resigned because they finally woke up and realized what they were doing violated their conscience. Wouldn’t that be neat ?? Sure would be neat.


  2. Aussie John

    Sorry, not all ferals are regarded as pests. The banteng (Asiatic gaur forest buffalo) earns too much money from trophy hunting, while deer sometimes do, depending on their variety and location. Sometimes wildlife managers try to eradicate them in parks or forest, or at least reduce their numbers so they don’t eat all the seedlings. Venison, yum!


  3. Aussie John

    Hey Unfuck, just curious, from what you’ve mentioned, and comments by the crew at Phil’s blog, when you do head back to the grind, are you properly addressed as Doctor U, or maybe Professor Unfuck? When I was still able to work, the office ladies were respectful of propiety, they always addressed me as “You bastard, John!” I quite miss hearing such endearments.


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