CoV-Fake: they did it AGAIN!

Remember when all that Coronavirus bullshit began – those pictures from some Italian intensive care unit?

Remember how those pictures were falsely used for Coronavirus reports out of New York City? Those media whores simply used the Italian pictures and video sequences to prove how bad the situation on American soil actually is.

Now they’re just doing it AGAIN in Australia:

7 thoughts on “CoV-Fake: they did it AGAIN!

  1. Aussie John

    I’d never have known otherwise without your advice Unfuck. I simply refuse to watch TV at all, I detest the lying scum bleating about the agit-prop agenda of the moment. Prostitutes (honest workers) lay down for money, while presstitutes simply lie for money.

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  2. Mck Will

    I’m with both you guys !! But I have a theory. It’s only a theory. Kind of on par with my “moon landing theory” LOL But my “theory” is just like “good” organizations be infiltrated by bad people, “bad” organizations can be infiltrated with good people. I’m thinking that’s what is going on here. There could be people on the “inside” who know this whole dam thing is fake, and this is a way of letting the public at least question the narrative. I know at least of of you guys doesn’t watch TV and man I totally respect that. I tip my hat to you !! But I think perhaps 15 years ago there was a funny comedy series called “Parks and Rec”. One of the characters had a role of being an “infiltrator” in the Department of Parks and Recreation for a mid size USA {fictional} city. The “infiltrator” used his Libertarian world view to make “command and control” {because that’s what Government is} decisions that went in a “freedom for the people” way. The reason I liked the show is because I really identified with the Libertarian character. The writers of the show were pretty smart folk who did a really fantastic job in characterizing the “semi anarchist”. They didn’t make the guy out to be a one eyed green man hunter or a tin foil hatter. He was a very easy going laid back very friendly kind of guy, but he had very strong libertarian convictions and he got this idea to get a job with Parks and Rec. If I remember correctly I think the character did not take a salary or donated his salary. But the show was also pretty doggone funny. So my point is, writers for fictional shows get their ideas from real life situations although they often stretch the truth because after all it’s entertainment. Likewise, I think it’s very possible you could have an insider at the TV station who outwardly gets along to get along but has very strong convictions that this virus crap is BS and instead of resigning, he/she feels humanity would be better off if he remained an “insider” but “telegraphed” code to awaken the sheep. {at least some of them}


  3. Aussie John

    Herr Unfuck von U, I’m in my 17th year of no television. It wasn’t easy at first, because I really enjoyed watching natural history shows and documentaries. Most people simply cannot accept the brainwashing aspect of the medium, they say “But I’m selective in my viewing.” It’s a shame, as it could be such an informative medium, but not as it is currently controlled.


    1. Mck Will

      I’m with you man !! I don’t purposely watch “The News” that’s for sure. The only thing I tuned into was sports and the weather pre plandemic and Netflix. Now I won’t even do that. There’s no sports anyways !! LOL And if you get weather reports you have to sit through their daily CV score card {that’s what has replaced sports} and their other absolute BS. The “News” now more than ever makes Don Henley’s song “Dirty Laundry” almost seem prophetic. In fact on our local channel 4 there REALLY is a bleached blonde lady who comes on at 5 {5 am LOL} and I kid you not She tells you “about the plane crash” {and killings and shootings and car wrecks and disasters} LITERALLY “with a gleam in her eye” – I am NOT joking – Don Henley wrote that song in the 80’s but it’s as true today as it was then !!


  4. Mck Will

    If you never have heard the song just go on You Tube “Don Henley – Dirty Laundry” – great song !!


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