10 thoughts on “Surprise, surprise!

  1. Aussie John

    Oh no Unfuck, did they bust you when you tried to slip home? I bet Phil’s sticker triggered their national socialist DNA, did they at least use lube for the body cavity search? Gee, it really is lucky you didn’t have Cederq and Deathray along for the ride, they’d be responsible for border incidents!


    1. Unfuck U

      Ced and Death would have been awesome. They‘d have caused enough distraction for anything passing through without being noticed. But one cannot have the charred remains of border sentries and dog turds laying around just like that. One would have to clean up after them. A body cavity search if done gently is preferable.


      1. Deathray

        I avoid international borders since my final trip to my new domicile.
        Nothing but trouble.
        I never consent to body cavity searches be they gentle or not.
        The thousand or so I’ve witnessed being conducted in county,state and federal institutions just never looked like a good time to me. I’m sure plenty find enjoyment from such procedures but I’d rather go to the dentist


      2. Unfuck U

        I went thrice to America and I loved it a lot. A part of my family lives in the US but I won’t return until I’m not treated like a suspect terrorist by TSA. No thanks.
        I do cross borders within Europe and up to now that wasn’t any problem.
        Now with the Corona madness all around it will become difficult for guys like me who refuse bein tested, vaccinated or wearing any face mask – mandatory or not.
        The Austrian government issued a new law a couple of months ago which will restrict access to certain activities, be they cultural, recreational or travel related to a certain (yet to be determined) group of people.
        One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand which group that will be.
        Brave New World.


  2. Deathray

    Lots of children will not be happy knowing Santa isn’t stopping here anymore. I’ll start to put the word out.


  3. Aussie John

    Re the beer-virus bullshit. Since it started, I’ve seen one shopgirl wear a mask, for just one day. But that is in laidback tropical north Queensland, not the (supposedly) plague-ridden areas like Melbourne. There have been just over 100 deaths attributed to COVID in Australia, yet that has seen border closures between states, utter crap! I’ve yet to see a breakdown on the co-morbidity indicators in the deaths here, but almost all were unfortunate people likely to have been taken by the yearly ‘flu season anyway.


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