17 thoughts on “Oh no! Cederq again!

  1. Aussie John

    Damn, I’ll really have to learn how to use a shitty iPhone (but it doesn’t have any buttons!). I can’t watch a Cederq vid on my Nokia. Hey, we’re still waiting for the big Cederq vs Unfuck armwrestle.


  2. Aussie John

    Unfuck, I can’t believe that smelly bulldog hasn’t left a wide puddle here. You have him snarling over at Phil’s workshed.


  3. Aussie John

    Hey Unfuck, I see that Cederq may put his mobile home on the road, looking for a good spot to park, with friendly neighbours. Dunno the sea freight cost for one of those, it may be too dear. But you be careful, he will smell awful from camping inside during the trip, the tightarse! Your neighbours might think the second horde has arrived.


      1. Aussie John

        As in The Exorcist movie, I can imagine Cederq’s head twisting, twisting around, but only to follow the strut of a pretty young Fraulein!


    1. Cederq

      Mobile home? I have a travel trailer, big difference. Why would I ship it to the land down under that every one forgot? Or to Europe? Unless it was to go to the beer halls… I do have a shower in it, I will smell like fresh daisies when I arrive, have the beer ready, cold too!


  4. Aussie John

    Yeah, no worries Unfuck, Cederq is an alright bloke, I reckon. Besides, I can’t better the two master Cederq-baiters, you and Phil. However, please keep posting his videos when you find them.


  5. Cederq

    Besides that is an English bulldog, I had a French bulldog, smells better and doesn’t fart as bad…


    1. Unfuck U

      Yeah. Compared to the food you’re getting in England, the French cuisine is light years better.
      What’s the best kitchen in England? Chinese.


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