8 thoughts on “Spain: raging migrant tries molesting a girl and receives instant karma

  1. Deathray

    Gotta love good old fashion street justice
    Run that guy through the court system and he’ll be a repeat offender
    I’m thinking that getting his ass kicked and cained may solve his issues

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    1. Deathray

      Of course where he probably came from
      the child is to blame and should be taken
      to a dry creek bed, made to kneel down
      and 200 savages throw rocks at them.

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    2. Unfuck U

      That’s the only language these guys understand. One just has to look how criminals ate treated in their homelands.
      Treat them any different or – heaven forbid – with European modesty they’ll only see it as a sign of weakness.
      And towards them it IS weakness indeed.


      1. Deathray

        No need to be sorry
        The individual being stoned was already going to die
        The injustice is that a air strike didn’t occur at the merry gathering.

        I can’t think of a better ending for that mob then to be vaporized
        then the area doused with pig manure.

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      2. disturbeddeputy

        Absolutely correct. They are not interested in adapting to Western culture and morals. So to get through to them they must be treated harshly and with no mercy.


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