One thought on “Police Karma

  1. Mck Will

    I don’t ever WISH bodily harm on police. However, when harm does come their way, I don’t feel the slight bit sorry for them. How could a moral rational person ever feel sorry for ANY COP.?? Can you imagine, let’s say you got in a time machine and it was 1989?? and you were driving down the road, and heard on the car radio, “Ted Bundy was executed today for his crimes against women” {which is HUMANITY because women are part of humanity just like men are} Let’s pretend your passenger also heard the news about Ted Bundy’s demise and your passenger started crying. Then your passenger said he felt so sorry for Ted Bundy. Any normal person would look at that individual and say “seriously?? You’re feeling sorry for a CRIMINAL??” Well the same standard as far as I’m concerned applies to a cop because THEY ARE CRIMINALS. THEY ARE HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATORS. In the USA cops EVERY SINGLE day all over the USA at minimum VIOLATE amendment #4 to the US Constitution 24/7/365. They steal, loot, kill and destroy but very seldom are they ever held accountable. One example of thousands, go on You Tube and watch “man with Crispy Cream Donut flakes in his car is arrested for drug possession. That’s an absolute true story a cop “tested” a crispy cream glazed donut flake and he falsely said the sugar flake was drugs. The poor man had ZERO criminal record but was arrested and booked. I don’t know about you, but crap like this pisses me the F off !! Then another example is these piece of garbage cops with their “Drug Dogs”. They’ve been caught on tape {when they had no idea they were being taped} they’ll be walking the dog around the car and they’ll give the dog a “signal” which makes the dog get “excited” then the garbage cop says to the driver, “get out” and they are handcuffed and the piece of garbage cop says “my dog “ALERTED” on your car so they get the excuse to search the car. Most of the time they don’t find ANYTHING and the driver returns to their car only to find the inside a “disaster area”. Sometimes they slice open the interior with knives doing 100’s of dollars in damage and if nothing is found well the car owner now has a fucked up trashed out car. So fuck these stupid bastard MOTHER FUCKING police. When something bad happens to them, I don’t give a fucking rat’s ass !! Now all that can be avoided if a cop will simply see the evil of “his” ways, and the next time “he” shows up for “work”, he doesn’t “CLOCK IN” but instead turns in “his” badge and nug, and resigns and walks away. At that point, “he” ceases to be in the PIECE OF SHIT category and actually becomes “human” again.


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