4 thoughts on “Odessa: the next Beirut?

  1. enn ess

    Well that’ll make a bang! From what I’ve been able to gather, Beirut had an abnormal amount of ammonium nitrate/anfo stored there for and extended number of years. Ammonium nitrate is itself not explosive but can be set off by severe impact (or another explosion). The blast in Beirut consisted of 2 explosions, the 1st smaller only seconds before the 2nd. I’m guessing here that the only way to make a larger hole in the ground would be an ass-ter-oid….


    1. Unfuck U

      Those two explosions were not timed close enough that the first would have caused the second, devastating detonation.
      I for one don’t think there was any third party involvement. The flames of the burning ship, the exploding fireworks with rockets and sparklers flying all around fanned the flames of that building even more. There’s one video showing an enough increase of flames right before the detonation. Extreme heat causes Ammonium nitrate to detonate if there’s a high enough quantity.
      Just think of the 2013 explosion of a fertilizer factory in Waco, TX. That was Ammonium nitrate, too.


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