Vlog: Summer in the Salzkammergut


Remember when I told you in one of my last vacation videos that I shall be showing you a little of my home country Austria?

Here’s my first short video from the Offensee, a lake within the Salzkammergut, a region right at the northern Alpine rim south of Bavaria. This part of Upper Austria is just half an hour driving time from where I live. Gotta tell ya I feel blessed having grown up here in this beautiful country of mine!

12 thoughts on “Vlog: Summer in the Salzkammergut

  1. Deathray

    You are blessed.
    Good to see you are aware of the fact.
    With all the issues going on in the world we seem to get caught up with the daily challenges and forget to stop and look around and take in the beauty.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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  2. Phil

    Very cool Notwende.
    Nice photography and video skills too.
    I did notice something though.
    I see video’s of fishes (Very cool btw) but not one fishing pole anywhere to be seen. What’s up with that?


    1. Unfuck U

      Dunno if one may get a fishing license for that lake. What we noticed as soon as we arrived and walked the first couple of yards: there must be a LOT of fish! The water was pretty clear and it was dotted with swarms of tiny fish all along the lakeshore.


    2. Aussie John

      Phil, you don’t see any fishing tackle because Unfuck doesn’t need any, he employing the fishing technique of the smokey-tailed lure! Unfuck’s fishies grow big from their plentiful food supply, that being the bodies of his ex business competitors, now literally “feeding the fishes” from that old mafia-movie dialogue. Hey Unfuck, if you stock the lake with yabbies and redclaw, you’ll finish the bodies off sooner and have some tasty crustaceans to cook and eat while enjoying your beer.


  3. Aussie John

    Unfuck, what is this ‘fishing licence’ of which you speak? We don’t have them in Qld, although commercial fishermen must pay for one.


    1. Unfuck U

      Oh, that’s just the blessings of democracy™, western civilization© and materialism!
      You see, there’s no fishing waters in my beloved country that’s not owned by someone. Some are owned by private persons, some by the county and the most by some abbeys or the Catholic Church herself.
      Not only has a fisherman to buy a license but he’s also has to pass an exam for which he gets issued a permit he’s also gotta pay…

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      1. Aussie John

        We’re limited here to using 2 lines per person, some take limits and minimum size on some species. The only nets allowed are for bait-catching, unless you’re a professional. Predators can impact your enjoyment, especially if a croc rips a limb off or crushes your torso. Crocodylus porosus may inhabit a drain, swamp, waterhole, billabong, creek or river, estuary, beach or swim way offshore in open ocean.

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  4. Aussie John

    That could be arranged, though. I could ask Cederq to take some baby alligators with him when he emigrates to Austria, but they’d need some jumpers for winter. They seem calm and cuddly, compared to bastard crocs who also ambush or actively hunt on dry land too.


    1. Unfuck U

      I can see now why Mr. Crocodile Dundee has such a big knife 😁
      So Cederq wants to migrate to Austria? And how come he didn’t tell me?
      Bad boy. Bad, bad boy!!


  5. Viking Life Blog

    Great video. I have (sadly) only been in Austria for one day, years ago. But I still remember how beautiful it is.
    I don’t really like traveling, but I will see Austria again and for a longer time.

    Austrians will come to Denmark to see the beaches and oceans, likewise we go to Austria to see mountains and forest (amongst other things, of course).


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