7 thoughts on “Melbourne Madness

  1. enn ess

    Welcome to life in the “police state”…… Either grow a spine and stand up against this shit or forever remain a slave…… Welcome to the Gulag Archipelago…


    1. Unfuck U

      In former times on had to cross a border if he was inclined leaving his home country and maybe he had the chance to start all over again as a freer man.
      Nowadays it’s lockstep lockdown all over that EU which is showing her real face now.


  2. Mck Will

    That stupid bastard mother fucking cop deserves to have his face bashed in. The stupid ass female cop is no better just allowing the woman to be choked. Police are basically the same all over the world. I despise EVERY FUCKING COP on the planet. They are maggot pieces of shit human rights violators. I think it would be such justified “Karma” if that son of a bitch male cop were to return to his home where during the day an Eastern Brown had entered his house and that stupid mother fucker got bit by the Eastern Brown as he got out of his Nazi uniform. I’d say “serves you right you piece of shit”.


      1. Mck Will

        Or come to their senses and the next time they show up for ‘work”. instead of clocking in and accepting stolen money from the people, they would turn in their badge and nug and their electric shocking device, and their bear spray AND RESIGN and walk away. Then they would actually be human beings again and they could go do something useful and worthy of honor for example trash collector. There is more honor in one trash collector’s pinkie than a whole gang of pigs with badges. These stupid sons of bitches are a waste of money and they dam sure don’t prevent any crime. Let’s be logical here: think how many police there are and how much money is being spent to pay these maggots, yet we have more crime than ever. I don’t claim to be a scientist, but it sure looks like to me if you just look at the numbers there’s a correlation to increased police numbers and increased crime. That’s at least true in the United States of New China {I’m sorry I meant America} They can’t possibly prevent crime because when seconds count the POE LEEZE are minutes away. But I will backtrack a little, there is one thing that police are good at and that is filling out reports {even though they routinely falseify them} – man they can flat out fill out reports and they are dam good at lies and all.


  3. Aussie John

    Unfuck, the eastern state’s capital cities of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne are a different world, and totally foreign mindset to the rest of Australia. While all the state police forces, and federal too, are rotten to the core with corruption, Sydney cops will shoot drug dealers not paying them enough kickback, the (Nazi) scum in Melbourne just shoot people, or bash or choke you. Victorians are complicit in their own sheeple’s herding, fancy any critical thinking person accepting the governance of der Führer Andrews!


    1. Unfuck U

      Yeah, I just watched a video about phase/stage four Coronavirus-BS implemented in Melbourne and it‘s mind boggling what’s going on there.
      Quite disturbing is the fact that a couple of European countries seem to see the Melbourne way as a good example. „Our“ health minister announced an ominous phase four being installed in Austria by the mid of next month…


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