4 thoughts on “Every avalanche begins with a little particle that decided to move

  1. Mck Will

    Hey that’s what I’m talking about. Man I love physics !! Thanks for the video. But perhaps I’m reading too much as to the intent of the video. The Physics aside {which is really really cool}. was the intent of the video to make an analogy that if one little person will stand up to the evil bastards, {and we all know who they are} then 2 will stand up, then 4, then 8 then 16 then 32 ect ect until finally we get a “Mr. Gorbechev tear down this wall” moment. Then hopefully humanity will be free from the chains of the slave masters who want to control us from 0 to 99. {Actually what they want is to work us like dogs then 1 year after we retire we go bye bye – then they save $$ by not having to pay social security that the worker paid into for 40 Fing years}. And finally the music, anyone know what tune that is ?? {I love the music in the video ??}


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