2 thoughts on “1964 Ford Mustang

    1. Unfuck U

      I simply like old cars. In the days when I was a kid one could tell from afar what brand a car was. These cars had character.
      Nowadays they all look pretty much the same.
      When I saw that Mustang I didn’t know it was a Ford because I never was so much interested in that brand. But I said to my wife: “Now look at that beauty! I’m sure it must have been built between 1963 and 1966.” As it turned out it was made in ’64.
      Dunno why but it’s easy for me judging when a car or a house has been built if it was built between 1950 and the mid seventies.
      Furniture is even easier to judge as long as it isn’t older than 1930 or newer than 1980.


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