4 thoughts on “Death wish sports

  1. Deathray

    New River gourge W. Virginia
    Bridge day, mid October every year.
    They shut one side of the road down to traffic and let the festivities begin.
    What you don’t see is underneath the road decking runs a service cat walk the entire span.
    I used to go there and rappel off that.

    If memory serves me it’s the longest single arch expansion bridge and, 2nd highest in the world. 975′ ??
    Damn it’s gotta be near thirty years since I’ve been there. In the five years I was there, I remember one fatality.

    I did that trying to defeat my fear of heights.
    Never worked and I owned a tree service for a few decades too.
    I was always the guy up in the tops shaking and thinking today I’m gonna die.

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    1. Unfuck U

      Oh man I really can relate. In 2005 I finally had made my motor glider license and could fly almost everywhere I fancied.
      As it was though I found less and less time flying being busy with everything but flying. So after a couple of months I lifted off again and called myself a fool not having enjoyed this for so long. That was until I decided to land. All of a sudden my lack of practice came to haunt me as the landing procedure gradually turned into a nightmare. Whilst still a couple of hundred yards up in the air a promised myself solemnly not to fly again should I survive.
      I touched down without my colleagues registering what I suffered inside that cockpit. I kept my promise and never regretted it.


      1. Deathray

        We most certainly agree that life is better when our feet are firmly on the ground.


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