4 thoughts on “The annual Redhead Festival, Ireland

  1. Aussie John

    The world owes thanks to the Celtic peoples like the Irish and Germans, for perpetuating redheaded beauties like these. Unfuck, any more pics, please?


    1. Unfuck U

      Seen from the perspective you see it it now makes sense to me that I always had such a preference for redheads. My wife (she’s a redhead) and I are mostly of Celtic descent.
      This evening I will add a few redheads for your pleasure.


      1. Aussie John

        Thanks Unfuck, gee your missus sounds a bit of alright! I had to come here for some civility, there are a couple of yobbos over at Phil’s place lowering the general tenor, poor Phil is too heatstruck to mind them. One is some fugitive mountain man, goes by Microwave Boy or a similar handle; his accomplice being descibed as a smelly fleabag pitbull.


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