5 thoughts on “We‘re on Telegram now – uns gibt’s jetzt auch auf Telegram!

  1. Aussie John

    Is that a photo of our head shrink, Herr Doktor U, himself? No wonder you scored your redhead Italian girl, being such a handsome bloke!


    1. Unfuck U

      It’s a rune. I’d wear it on my head but l would constantly bump it against twigs, tables, shrooms and the like.
      Since I am a clumsy person I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone by wearing a rune-antler on my head and be satisfied Instead with the damage I accidentally inflict on my surroundings.


      1. Aussie John

        I meant the fellow in the header image, beside ‘Dear inmates’. I clicked on your link, didn’t sign up. How much will you pay me? (joke, the redheads pics did it) Sorry, I’ll be back with better hardware.


      2. Unfuck U

        Yeah, I was searching for some spooky guy but all real humans were too spooky so I went for that strange Bolshevik. Which is spooky in itself.
        You need better hardware?
        What are you using? A stone tablet and a chisel? Never thought I would be too modern by joining Telegram!


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