Ein immens wichtiges Video: „ Vom Nutzen und Nachteil der Maske für das Leben“

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5 thoughts on “Ein immens wichtiges Video: „ Vom Nutzen und Nachteil der Maske für das Leben“

  1. Aussie John

    Unfuck, whether Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine, both have been proven safe, and cheap, for years internationally. The politicians and ‘public servants’ who deny the public access to this medicine must face charges of culpable negligence and failure in their duty of care.


  2. Unfuck U

    The way I understood how things went regarding Hydroxychloroquine:
    President Trump first broke the news about that medicine and how well it works.
    The mainstream media in Europe didn’t mention this at all.
    The news about Hydroxychloroquine made it big time in the alternative media outlets and it got so big MSM couldn’t ignore it any longer.
    Even WHO and the German Robert-Koch-Institut (RKI) started testing that medicine.
    First results were very promising.
    Then Prsident Trump got into a fight with WHO and stopped funding that NGO.
    Lo and behold – after a short while the WHO stopped all testing and almost simultaneous the RKI stopped testing it as well telling the public it doesn’t work and has side effects.
    They only did that trying to hurt Trump – like a kindergarden’s brawl!
    Now they’re telling us over and over again that the BIG SAVIOR is the Corona-vaccine.
    Which is a threefold lie:
    1) It’s not a regular vaccine – it’s an RNA-vaccine alterating the reecipient’s DNA.
    2) That “vaccine” can only be ineffective against Corona since that virus saw thousands of mutations since its first outbreak in Wuhan. It must have another goal.
    3) They stopped testing Hydroxychloroquine because of side effects. These side effects are nothing compared to the damage the vaccine will cause! One only can be certain it will cause autoimmune maladies and cancer. What else it will cause nobody knows for sure once it has written itself into the DNA of the recipient.
    The politicians and "scientists" responsible for this madness must be summarily executed.


  3. Aussie John

    I like the idea of execution, but it is too quick for them. I’d prefer to see Soros and all his little puppets receive all of Gates’ innoculations against polio, Ebola, Coronavirus et cetera, then stew in a prison camp until death. The Labor leftist state Premiers in Australia made it illegal for doctors to prescribe HCQ after Trump publicized it’s effectiveness. Prof Borody has proven Ivermectin to be an even better treatment, in Brazil and India. Now trials are underway in Monash Uni here, but the lefties say it is too dangerous, yet it has been a safe malaria treatment for years! Unfuck, if you hang them all, better buy stocks in rope makers first.


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