Vlog: Australians!

First, a word from me:

Here’s what Australia looks like from my point of view.


Should I find that video of the pregnant woman being arrested for encouraging other Australians to resist this tyranny on Facebook, I’ll add that here.


Two more questions:

Where are the dead Australians that died because of Covid-19?

If the media wouldn’t have told you that there’s a pandemic: would you have noticed?

One thought on “Vlog: Australians!

  1. Aussie John

    I don’t know the first answer Unfuck, but the second: the only physical sign that I took notice of was the Council’s libraries shutting for 2 months. A real danger to gun owners in Vic and NSW is that a breach of the coronavirus rules will get your weapons licence cancelled, with consequent gun confiscation if you’re not quick off the mark to get them to a licenced gun dealer for storage, while you appeal the decision, or to sell if you fail to retain your licence. They offer no pretence of a reason for this, it is just another means of disarming people.


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